Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Maybe we should name the baby Fibro

I’m having trouble sleeping these days. I know nothing really new. I’m just admitting to it (for a change). I attribute it to BabySpeak (BS), and I know my uncomfortableness is because she’s really good at getting onto my:
A) Bladder (makes me have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. )
B) Main artery (cuts off my circulation so that either my extremities are falling asleep and/or I’m having major headaches and dizzy spells. Yes, even while laying down.)
C) Either my stomach or my intestines or something like that (makes me nauseated.)

I have lots of experience with this whole deal. (The lack of sleep.) It’s one of the major symptoms of my Fibro. And while BS is probably the major cause of my lack of rest, I think my Fibro issues might be contributing just a little bit too.

So what do I do? I avoid going to bed of course. Do I do something useful with this time? Like cleaning the house? Maybe the filing I need to do (so we can do our taxes), some ironing would be good. Or I know, I could update my blog. Noooo, dear internet I do not do any of things. Someone who is really good at avoidance has a pattern and just like anyone in denial I’m right there. No I spend this valuable time (that I should be SLEEPING) playing solitaire & hearts. Poorly.