Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Snow Bound

Ok, so finally got some pix from this weekend.

This is ToddlerSpeak (TS) just before & after her adventure down the hill BY. HER. SELF. (Again, it must’ve been the hormones that I let myself be convinced to let my TWO YEAR OLD do this!)

However, it’s deceiving, she’s having so much fun! And she looks at least FOUR damit! I know, I’m a moron. And now I’ve set a precedent. Moving on…

Ok, my two fav pix of DS & TS from the weekend WILL NOT UPLOAD for some reason!!!! So you'll have to wait on those.

Apparently I did hand off the camera to DS as some point during the weekend. Yes, that’s me underneath all those layers (can you tell I’m the fat chick?) This is me putting skis on my baby (2nd year in a row, cause damit this kid will ski and ski well!)

And here’s the family portrait! Such a waste, I was having a great hair weekend. (Of course, no one saw me all weekend and the couple pix I did take you can't even tell who the heck I am. Go figure.)

Ok, that’s your fix of TS for the day! More later.