Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Ok, I haven’t uploaded my pix from this weekend yet, “Don’t shoot me!” But it’s why I haven’t posted anything in the last 24 hours. It’s probably good, lots of fluff has been floating around in my head to write about, but really that’s what it’s been: FLUFF. (But then isn’t that what a blog is? I suppose, sigh. I’d like to think its somehow more meaningful then that. But so far, not so much.
My SIL came home to an interesting surprise from our little weekend. Lucky her! I personally have been the recipient of one too many of these types of surprises, not from any animals that are currently alive and no Internet, that’s not why said animal is deal. Although I’ve been informed that others would’ve have killed over less. It’s no fun. But it’s a funny story when it happens to someone else. Hey, it’s not like it’s a secret that I have warped sense of humor.

I was all set to tell you how I think my Fibro is not really in remission this pregnancy and probably wasn’t last either, I’m just less tolerant of it since I’d gotten onto meds that were working. But it’s so boring. I almost fell asleep writing it, so I erased it. So, I'll save you the trouble & I’m off to watch Jon Stewart, (yeah TiVO) it’s where I get all my news you know.