Saturday, January 14, 2006

All Hail Ye Mighty SBUX God!

Life is very good. We are getting a Starbucks on the corner leading into our neighborhood. Everyone, sing with me, “We are getting a Starbucks, We are getting a Starbucks…" Not that the closest Starbucks are far away (there are at least 3 within a mile). But at our old house I could walk to the closest Starbucks. It was the one thing about the new house I was sort of disappointed about; I could only drive to the closest Starbucks (Daddyspeak would say that’s probably a good thing. He hates Starbucks. In fact hate might be too mild a word. But he hates all things corporate including Mickey Mouse & Disneyland. I may have married the antiChrist--how can you hate Disneyland?) Now I just need a scrapbook store within walking distance (and a winning lottery ticket so I can be a SAHM who can afford to send my kids to school for socialization reasons, and some much needed crop time) and I'll be dialed. I'm not holding my breath.


Monica said...

Lucky you...hopefully it will be a drive thru. :)