Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm not Bi-Polar, I'm just Toddler!

We had a MAJOR meltdown last night at dinner. First she wanted to sit her booster seat, then she didn’t want it, “it’s for babies”. We explained, “it’s not for babies, highchairs are for babies.” But by that time she was on a roll; the tears were flying, the whining had commenced and nothing was going to stop it. She wanted the highchair. (foot stomping w/tears & yelling). She got told no. Covered that angle for a while. Finally, got told she was going to get a timeout. Now she wanted Mama’s lap. The answer to that is no as well. More tears, more yelling, graduated to sitting on the floor in a puddle and finally after 2 timeouts she realized none of it was happening. So she happily sat down & ate her dinner. Whew! I’m exhausted writing about it.

So tell me, why do you think they call it Bi-Polar?

They should just call it Toddler.