Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend Update

While this weekend didn’t suck totally, it did suck some. I’m in a bitchy, crumby mood, and I’m pissed at DaddySpeak (DS) in a major way. He spent the entire day helping a friend drywall his garage and hasn’t really done anything about getting our fence fixed. Thus, it will now be I once again, who has to deal with this shit. I just get tired of feeling like I’m doing it alone a lot of the time (I know, bitch, bitch, bitch…)

I wrote to a dog rescue group about the Mowry predicament. I asked for their opinion about moving forward. "Should we pursue a trainer even though we aren’t really the best family for him? Aren’t we just prolonging the inevitable?" I haven’t heard back about it and I’m completely frustrated by the whole situation. I wish there was an easy answer. I wish he would quit doing stuff (like trashing parts of the yard) to make it any harder (or eaiser depending on how you look at it).

I took ToddlerSpeak (TS) to the Farmer’s Market w/a friend (H) today. Since its January I guessed that the place wouldn’t be too crowded & I let her take Pink Dolly w/the baby carrier and stroller. She thought she was the BOMB! Luckily, the crowd was on the thin side & most people thought she was adorable instead of annoying. I think she really only ran into like one person. Once she got going anything we bought had to go into her basket under her stroller. She was quite pleased with herself. Afterward, H let her help arrange some flowers she’d bought into a vase. TS was hilarious, every flower had to have a specific place to be in the arrangement. If it wasn’t just right she’d take it out & fix it. Can you say OCD? She was very cute, but I will never again be able to just put flowers in a vase now. H noted, "I can see how everything takes much longer these days." You think?

Ok, I guess I’ve ignored DS long enough. He’ll start to forget I’m pissed if I don’t go pout in front of him.