Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is TV God?

Ok, here's my rant. I hate it when college is playing. DS is a "big fan" and he disappears whenever a game is on. It doesn't really matter who is on either. I mean he has his teams for sure, but if there's a college game on you're hard pressed to get him away from the TV. (Football or basketball.) You'd never know we own a TiVO the way he acts over it. It drives me nuts! I'm all for watching the game. I was a huge Sharks fan (I still am I just don't seem to have to time to watch them so much anymore. I has season tickets for 10 years--pre-kids obviously.) And he has to watch them so freaking LOUDLY! Like he needs to help the neighbors out or something. What bugs me so much is how all consuming it becomes & how nothing else matters. We get a couple hours every night w/TS before she goes to bed. He sits down to play with her after dinner and the phone rings; it's his dad to tell him something about the game. He tells his dad he's TiVOing it and not to tell him. But he never comes back into the room! He goes & starts the game & that was the end of it. He couldn't wait another half an hour so he could actually spend some time w/his daughter???? The only reason he said more then two words to her tonight was because it was his night to put her to bed (we take turns or it becomes an issue.) He assures me I'm lucky, that I have no idea how bad he could be. Jeez, how lucky I am.