Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just plain tired.

Daddyspeak (DS) had a work dinner tonight, so Toddlerspeak (TS) and I were on our own. As it worked out my SIL was also was having a “girls night” so we took the girls to Fresh Chunks for dinner. It was fun. TS & her cousin loved it. But man, after we got home, getting TS into bed was such a freak'n process. She was all wound up from being with her cousin, so she was pulling all the stops to prolong it. (I want to pick my PJs, not those, these, no those. I need to go to the baffroom again. I need some water. etc…) By the time I got her into bed I was exhausted. I don’t envy any of those single parents out there that’s for sure. I’m sure I had something funny, even witty to share before all of that. But now I’m just tired.

It’s times like this when I wonder what we were thinking by starting on #2. I don’t question our decision over the big stuff, not even the minor major stuff (like say the volcanic tantrum we had last night). Somehow, that stuff you get through and it’s not as exhausting. I guess you expect it on that stuff. It’s the part where the day-to-day just makes you so damn tired, that’s when I wonder "What the heck I was thinking? How on earth am I going to pull this off?" I know it’s mostly the hormones talking right now. When I finally get her into bed and get that hug from those perfect little arms that now fit around my neck, then I remember why we’re taking it on. And it is all worth it.

I love this pix of her. This is from Oct. 05. She's showing off for DS, twirling while he tells her how beautiful she looks.


Antique Mommy said...

I simply do not believe that little angel could throw a tantrum... ;)

mama speak said...

the cowboy hat is hiding the little devil horns ;-)