Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It’s a Dog’s Life

Well today it is. First I read this over at Antique Mommy, which made me cry like a baby. Then I read this at Sweet Juniper, which made me laugh out loud. So I’m feeling very guilty about not posting any pix of my other babies now. (So see below. Old pix but they look the same and it’s a good hair pix for me.) Especially considering my drama over Mowry the other week. BTW, Mowry has totally chilled since all of that went down. We haven’t put the dogs in the run, so that’s part of it, but maybe he’s figuring how to transition better as time goes on. We’re going skiing this weekend (well, Daddyspeak (DS) & Toddlerspeak (TS) are skiing, I’ll be pouting in the lodge, seeing as how if I can’t be on the slopes I ought to at least be able to drink hot toddies in bar or something. And I can’t do that either!) Anywho, I took the dogs to new boarding place for an evaluation/playdate and they did really well, so that’s a plus. And two people have mentioned to me this week that 5 years of age was a magic number for their dogs energy-wise, so I’m hopeful that we can work it out and he’ll mellow. (Mowry will be 5 this year.) I didn’t get the response I was hoping for from the rescue group I contacted, so I’ve retreated to my corner to pretend that nothing is wrong.

Merit is blk/wht & Mowry is all blk. I'm the one in the middle. Save it. This was taken in the Fall 2002.