Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Knocked Up!

I’m officially pregnant (just took me 6 months to work that out, maybe it was the hormones). In the last couple days I’ve hit the “uncomfortable in my own skin feeling”; which, in case you've never been pregnant, translates to that “bloated-fat-achy (in places you don’t want to know about)-can’t get comfortable even to sleep-constant headache-heartburn-exhausted-bitchy feeling.” (You think my doctor’s advice to have some snacks is adding to my “fat” feeling?) You can bet I’m fun to be around. I’m a regular par-tay! On top of it, Babyspeak has decided to get strong enough to actually start beating on her mother from the inside now. Fun! Extra-strength Tylenol is my current best friend. I’m doing the, “has it been four hours yet?” dance a lot. Mostly cause I woke up with a headache that Will. Not. Go. Away. Honestly, this one is bad (it's not a migraine, I've been know to get those too,) but the length & consistency of it is exhausting me. Why is it during the time you most need a drink you’re not supposed to have one? I’m off for more Tums, Tylenol & bed!