Thursday, January 19, 2006

Freak of Nature--that's me!

So after all my bitching about feeling crappy, turns out there was actually a reason. Well besides being pregnant. Ok, because of being pregnant! (Jeez Internet you can be so damn picky sometimes!) I still had that crappy headache yesterday afternoon & decided I should call the nurse practitioner and just give them a shout out about what was going on. I mean if I had a headache for over 24 hours (and no pain killers were making a dent) w/out being pregnant I would absolutely call my doctor, so I figured, even though they were going to tell me it was hormones, (see I’m so smart I could be a doctor) I should at least make them log it in my chart or something. So my doc & nurse are out on Wednesdays so the fill in calls me & starts asking a bunch of questions. She started asking about dizzy spells, so I told her about the weird ones I was getting (not w/the headaches, but notable by their length none-the-less,) and she says she’s going to talk to the doc & call me back. Phone rings like 2 minutes later, “Can you come in like in the next half hour?” “Uh, yeah.” “Ok, cause the doctor really thinks you need to be seen.” I hate it when they do that. Makes you feel like such a dork, like “why didn’t you call sooner”. And you’re sitting there going, “but it’s a headache.” So it turns out they wanted to take my blood pressure. I was having symptoms of someone having high blood pressure. But no high blood pressure for me, dear Internet. No, the anomaly that I am, I have low blood pressure, which is the reason for all of this. Apparently the blood is getting hung up in my legs, causing the headaches & dizzy spells. We talked about what I do when I have the dizzy spells and the doctor told me to keep on doing what I’m doing, (change my position, eat something sweet, etc…). She also told me that I can take Excedrin Migraine, “which has caffeine” for the headaches. And that I might want to go get a cup of coffee right now & see if that doesn’t get rid of the headache. So I promptly went to Starbucks and ordered a caffeinated mocha & my headache went away. How many pregnant women do you know who get told to go have caffeine????? I’m such a freak of nature.

On a side note: At the doctor’s I found that I’d lost the 2 lbs I’d previously gained. (And I have a good weight story I’ll write about later.)
So, what ploy do you think I should use to get my doctor to tell me start eating sushi? =)


Antique Mommy said...

No sushi, no Merlot -- there will be celebrating at the end of nine months! Oh, and it will wonderful when the baby gets here too!