Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weighty Issue

So I mentioned I’ve had that “I’m too big for my skin” feeling going on. I figured my “snacks” were probably having an affect & I had put some weight on. (Just in case you weren’t paying attention, up until now I’ve gained 2 lbs in this pregnancy. Yes, I said 2 lbs! Yes, I’m 6 months pregnant. I know that’s weird. When pregnant w/Toddlerspeak (TS) I had gained 20 lbs by now. Yes, I said 20. Drop it.) So anyway, we don’t own a scale. My parents do, and I usually get on theirs once a week to check things out. Yesterday, I’m dropping TS off for the day and I say to my mom, “Oh, I want to weigh myself, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained. I feel like I’ve gained.” And in all of her supportive nature my mother proceeds to inform me that my ass looks bigger. She’s practically giddy with the idea that I’ve put on weight and follows me to the bathroom! (I find this unbelievably rude, but hey that’s me.) So I get on the scale and start laughing. I haven’t gained an ounce. She was downright disappointed!

“Are you sure?”
“Is this the same scale you usually weight on?”
“What were you wearing last time?”

“Chain mail mom, I was wearing chain mail the last time I weighed myself.”