Monday, January 23, 2006

Cloudy Judgement

Daddyspeak (DS) is now aware of the blog. Well I think he’s been aware of it. But since I didn’t come out and offer up the URL he finally asked this weekend. (gasp) I’m pretty sure the look on my face was pretty much that I didn’t want to give it up, of course implying that I’m writing about him non-stop (which I’m not). So I gave him the URL. (Obviously the pregnancy hormones are clouding my judgment. That or my lack of caffeine.)

The whole point of keeping this blog is to let me vent, so I can’t imagine I’ll be holding back now. I’m sure it will make for some interesting conversations at some point (at home & on the internet). Especially when I get into venting about his family, which I’m sure will go over huge. I know he’ll enjoy the venting over my family. Let’s hope he loses interest quickly. It is basketball season after all.

On another note; I found out a friend had the caffeine issue during pregnancy too. Meaning that her doctor ended up telling her to drink it too, for similar reasons. (I forget to drink some on Saturday, so by Sunday noon I was getting another one of those headaches & dizzy spells. I promptly drove to Starbucks—doctor’s orders!) Guess I’m not a total freak of nature. Maybe we’re like the kids in X-Men; we’re the evolved part of the species, (or our unborn children are) and everyone else just hasn’t caught up yet. I wonder what cool X-Men type name they’d give us?


Monica said...

Ok...I'm so glad mine doesn't care. :)