Monday, January 16, 2006

Mama Bear

So Daddyspeak (DS) was not game for the SF Zoo as I had hoped. I could’ve pushed it and made him go, but he didn’t want to drive up there again, “since he has to do it every day”. Wah! This was for something fun! Anyway, I didn’t let him completely off the hook. I dragged him and Toddlerspeak (TS) to the Discovery Museum in San Jose instead. Major torture considering school was out and the weather was crappy (for CA, it wasn’t raining or anything, just cloudy/gloomy/cold) so everyone was dragging their kid somewhere indoors. TS had a pretty good time in spite of the crowd. One little mark on the day, she does this thing where she tends to hang back when other kids are pushing their way in. (I’d say she gets intimidated with the situation.) She bites her lower lip (precursor to a pout) and grabs onto whatever toy she has in hand, just in case they try to grab it. Watching her play in the sand table, some of the kids were maneuvering to push the smaller ones around, I told DS I wish I knew a way to help learn to stick up for herself. You know, push back a little. He told me she’s got to learn it on her own, and he’s right, but it’s hard to watch. You want to go smack the crap out the little snot who’s trying to grab the shovel she patently waited her turn for. Not to worry, little snot’s mom quickly told him to back off and moved him to some other activity since he wasn’t going to play nice at this one. (I don't think little snot was going to play nice at any activity to be honest, but that's just me.) TS didn’t totally give it up either, (So I didn’t have to go be Mama Bear & stick up for her.) I just know that if he’d been quicker/stronger and gotten the shovel from her she would’ve protested, but she would’ve have done much about it. She’s what you would call a rule follower. It’s a great trait if you’re her parent, (she stays in the timeout chair when you put there) but it worries me slightly for her future social life. I know there are much worse things I could worry about; I’m a mama it’s my job to worry about this stuff. And honestly I’m really good at it.

I was hoping to have some great pix to share, but in true toddler fashion we took like 50 pix and really NOT ONE of them came out all that hot. But just so you don’t think I’m making her up here’s a gratuitous kid shot (stunning or not).