Saturday, January 07, 2006

Excitement central here

Yesterday just continually sucked. All day. Right after I wrote the last post I got an email that one of the babies in the mom’s group I’m a big sis for died from SIDS the night before. I burst into tears upon reading it. I didn’t know the girl (or baby) well. And I know it’s a tragedy, but I don’t think I would’ve reacted so strongly if I wasn’t already worked up over the idea of giving my dog up and being 5.5 months pregnant. I’m a bit hormonal. You think? The rest of my day was pretty much shot to hell. I kept getting all teary at inappropriate times. (Luckily next to no one was at work.) When I picked up Toddlerspeak (TS) from daycare I ended up being cranky & short w/ her, which made me feel even worse. Of course, when something like this happens you want to run to your kids and hug them. So what do I do? I snap at her. What can I say, I’m on a roll. I’m blaming it on hormones too. (That’s what you can tell your therapist later in life sweetie!) I was so emotionally wiped out that I fell asleep at 7:30 last night.

This morning TS woke up w/her first real bad dream. (First one bad enough so that she wouldn’t put herself back to sleep and I actually had to haul my arce out of bed to comfort her. Funny how Daddyspeak (DS) always manages to sleep through these types of things.) Should I mark this in her baby book? Her rain boots were in the middle of her room (there was parade just before bed you know.) She told me they bit her and she wanted them in her closet. So I put them away. Then she wanted out of bed, so we sat in the rocking chair in her room and she informed me that her bookcase & her “pink baby” (favorite doll, and also the name she feels we should give her little sister) bit her in her dream too. Hmmmm…I’m getting the impression someone at daycare is having a biting issue. Could just be me, but hey I’m kinda physic like that. She doesn’t have any marks & when I asked her point blank she said yes someone was biting, but prompting for details results in a game. So we’ll see. I have already given her a big lecture on not biting & ramifications if she does. She such a rule-follower, hopefully this kid will steer clear of her, because I’m pretty sure she won’t bite back (which is what I’ll do if the terror lays one tooth on my kid). She wasn’t going back to bed so we’ve been up since 6 AM—which is the freaking middle of the night in my book (on a Saturday).

Right now I’m listening to her not napping. We have a 1st b-day party to go to this afternoon (during her usual naptime.) No nap, coupled w/being up since the crack of dawn should make for a great time I’m sure (don’t forget to throw in the sugar buzz & resulting hangover to make it real fun!) The other big excitement for today (I said I was going to write more about my kid—won’t you be so glad now.) We’ve had 3 accidents (a particularly offensive one was cleaned by DS –karma; for sleeping through the whole bad dream thing I’m sure). And I’m having dizzy spells, so I’ve been particularly ineffective today. Excitement central here.