Monday, January 16, 2006

Calling God?

As you may remember, we moved into this house the weekend before Thanksgiving. Even though we only moved THREE MILES DOWN THE ROAD this city’s phone company doesn’t talk our old city’s phone company so we had to change our phone number. Beyond annoying. Anyway, let me tell you, a change in phone number immediately disregards any good work you may have done to discourage all telemarketers who shall now commence calling the second your phone is hooked up (probably before that too. How would they know the difference, they’re in India.) But that’s all a bitch for another day. We have caller ID, so we avoid the majority of them. But the other lovely side affect, much harder to avoid, are the phone calls for the previous owner of said phone number. In our case the previous owner was Jesus Vasquez (or something like that. I know I’ve got the first name right.) Anyway, when we got our 5th call for Jesus during dinner tonight it occurred to me, “When they’re looking for God they call our number”. How very lost the flock has become.