Monday, January 09, 2006

My little slice of Heaven

In the life of toddlerdom most days do not pan out as being either really good or really bad. (Well, maybe on the really bad side.) But much like puberty they seem to swing back & forth from moment to moment, usually from one extreme to the other. Not a huge amount of grey area going on here. So, I’m sure I’m jinxing it by mentioning it in the middle of the day before the day is over, (when she’s not napping—I can hear her singing in fact,) but today was a rare great day.

Toddlerspeak (TS) and I started out the morning w/speech therapy (for her. I know my spelling and grammar suck, but they typically don’t send adults to speech therapy for it. They figure we’re lost causes by this point.) We were early, yes I said early. So early that I ended up driving past the building and going to the bank to make a deposit because I had the time. And we still sat in the waiting room for 15 minutes. (This has never happened before, and probably won’t ever happen again.) What this means is that TS got up, ate breakfast & got dressed in a relatively cooperative manner before we ever got out the door. After speech (which she did great in) we went to get a badly needed haircut. (Her again, not me. I need one, but I get mine from a salon thank you very much. I have hair issues. It’ll come up at some point, don’t worry.) Anyway, she was super good and the lady at the shop gave her a crappy little makeup kit for being so damn good. I’m pleased she was so well behaved. I’m not excited my daughter has been given lip gloss from China. I’m sure it’s toxic. She was thrilled, of course.

Then we went to the shoe store to get her new shoes. The kid’s feet grow so fast they may actually be setting some records. She also has EXTRA WIDE feet, so no cheapy Target shoes for her (they don’t carry wide, much less EXTRA WIDE). No, we have to pony up for the $40+ brand names (Stride Rite, Teva, Jumping Jacks, Merrell, North Face, etc..) at a specialty store. Yes, TS has more expensive shoes then her mommy. Easily more expensive, as I’ve taken to shopping at Target & Payless Shoe Source when I do buy shoes. And from the sorry state most of my shoes are in, I obviously don’t do this very often.

After that, even though it was lunch time I went to two more stores in the mall (opposite end of course) and made some exchanges. And she was like Miss Happy the whole time! She was saying “Hi!” to everyone and dancing around in her stroller. (She was staying in her stroller!) So I completely pushed my luck (let's face it, there’s nothing like watching a 2-year old have meltdown in a restaurant because her mother waited a bit too long to feed her and now she just can’t deal cause her blood sugar is low,) and took her to Fresh Choice for lunch. She was a complete ANGEL! She ate all of her lunch (and some of mine). She sat in the booth and be-bopped to the overhead muzak while she ate. And then she went potty in the bathroom (rather then her pants). When we got home she went down for her nap (which she is currently not taking) without a peep of protest. It was the kind of day you wish for when you’re the mom of a toddler. You actually got some things accomplished without having to kill your child in the process. I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket.