Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You a good mama. I wuv you

Sometimes I feel bad, cause I feel like I’m constantly bitching about Toddlerspeak’s (TS) rotten behavior. The reality is that she’s a really good kid—better then most (and I’m not just saying that cause she’s my kid.) She really is a “rule follower” so we’ve been lucky in the fact that if you tell her, “That’s the way it is”, she tends to go along. I think that’s part of why the “boundary pushing” of late has been so hard on us. Up until now we haven’t really had to deal with it. Most kids work their way up to this level, but she seems to have gone from 0-3 year old in no time flat. (Almost like she skipped those 2s!)
On that note, I wanted to relay how sweet she can be too. This morning while I was getting ready for work she was rambling on and on. I can’t really tell you what she was talking about, I may have asked her what she was going to do today, “pay with papa! Cowor!” (a.k.a.—Play w/Papa, Color!) But she had a lot to tell me, so I was nodding and grunting at all the appropriate times. All the sudden she goes, “I wuv you mama.” And hugs my legs. “You a good mama. I wuv you.” Jeez, TS I love you too.

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Monica said... sweet.

When she told me I was a "good mama," I got such a huge kick out it. :)