Saturday, February 25, 2006

So pretend it’s like February 15 or something

I wanted to write this one on V-day or right after but wanted to post the pix with it and was too (lazy) busy to get the pix off the camera. However, Daddyspeak (DS) finally stepped up and now I can give you the story w/the pix.

On February 13 when I dropped Todderspeak (TS) from daycare they had lists of all the kids’ names so we could bring valentines in the next day for the party. (Grrrr….they could’ve given us a little more time, we are working parents after all.) So I was bitching about it to my SIL during work and she says, “You know the teachers want you to write friend instead of the kid’s names so passing them out will go faster.” Um, ok, no I didn’t know that. (I get why the teacher would want that, but man is that lame!!! The kids are getting good & sugared up from the party anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to get anything done anyway. But I digress...) so when I picked TS up that day I asked one the teachers about it. Teacher says, “No big deal, we can write the names if you want, or you can write them, or you can write friend, it’s all good.” My point being that I had a conversation with one of the teachers about the whole deal and you’ve now heard the extent of what I was told.

So I get TS some v-day cards, standard stuff from when we were kids. They had some Mickey Mouse ones on sale at Walgreen’s. Cool, age appropriate even. I forgot about filling them out until I was on my way to bed & making sure my purse, keys, etc…were on the table by the front door. Crap. So I stayed up for an extra half an hour & filled the damn things out. Gave them to the teacher in the AM when I dropped TS off, along w/the strawberries we got for the party. (I figure if I’m bitching about the food the other parents are sending with their kids for breakfast/lunch, I should at least be contributing something healthy to the party, right? The rest of the sign ups for the party were things like: candy, cupcakes, cookies, oh and fruit, rightguess how many parents signed up to contribute fruit?)

So when I pick up TS as the end of the day, she got this cute little “hat” and “basket” they made for the party. (The segue-way art projects from last week.) Her basket is filled with her “loot”. I didn’t think much of it, just figured it was the leftovers from the party more or less. So we get home & I start pulling the stuff out of her basket; all of the other parents did “goodie bags” for their kid’s valentines. There’s a card in there too, but they all brought candy & toys bagged up w/the card! Grrr…..NO ONE TOLD ME!!! I mean my kid is only two, so I didn’t expect the kids to really even pass out valentines yet, much less something like this!!! It looks like maybe one other little girl did what we did—just a plain lame card. But who knows maybe her card just fell out of the goodie bag it came in. So I was that parent this holiday. I HATE THAT!!! I am NOT that parent. (Oh, but apparently Internet, I am right now.) The thing is, I get it, I just didn’t think I needed to be getting it yet! I guess I just Thank God that TS isn’t old enough to know (or care) that her mom is indeed that lame. AND that this won’t affect her social standing in school yet.

TS in her hat with some of her loot.