Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

So I’m sitting here listening to DD1 sing a very off-key and re-worded variation of Rudolph. Well I was listening to that. But then DD2 came over to play with me and I realized she was due for a second nap, so I just spend the last half hour rocking her to sleep. Only she wasn’t sleeping, she kept reaching up to touch my nose, or my eye or pull my lips back so she could touch my teeth and then giggle uncontrollable. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be messing around so she thought she was hilarious. I personally can’t think of a better way to my last afternoon of 2007, can you?
We’re off to a neighborhood party(No driving ;-); we’re pot lucking and celebrating an East Coast New Year (no baby sitters) meaning we'll "whoop it up" at 9 PM our time. Doubtful the kids will make it much past that.
Hoping that you are celebrating the New Year in a fun and safe way (sleeping counts too).

I’ll see you next year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Chaos

I don't know if you can tell, but this photo is only partway through the gift opening. It was crazy, but so much fun. DD1 was much less excited initially than I would've thought. I guess the idea of the fat guy bringing her the doll was a done deal in her mind. I would've expected a bit more excitement. But the doll has not been put down since, so I'm not complaining. DD2 was way more excited about her Santa gift than I would've thought. She saw that car & went running right for it. She knew it was hers. We actually ended up opening some of her gifts for her cause we couldn't tear her away from the damn car. So cute. It was a fun day, but now I feel like I'm recovering from a major hangover. The last couple days I've been feeling like I'm walking in water and I have this reoccuring headache. I also have been sleeping in till almost noon most days. It's lovely to sleep that long, but I know it's the Fibro. All of it's my Fibro. I basically said screw low carb this month & now it's caught up with me. I'm in detox as of today! I started yesterday, but didn't stick with it. (It's all these damn leftover desserts!!!) I have NO willpower. I'm fine if the stuff isn't in the house, but if it's around it's like I can't control myself. Today though I've only had about 20 carbs total. I'm hoping I'll find myself feeling better by Monday, but I know it could take as long as a week.

Ok, enough about my loser diet and health. More photos and maybe even a video (don't get your hopes up too high) to come soon! Hope you're having a great vaca, we are.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

It's 12:30 and Santa was just spotted around Anchorage; we've been watching NORAD all day. He showed up here just after midnight. I was scolded for still being up, but once he had our treat (we left him a piece of our Bouche de Noel that DD1 and I made today) all was forgiven. I figured cookies might not cut it considering the gift list this year; you ask big, you need to put out a little, you know?
He filled stockings (mine included, and I thought he forgot) and brought DD1 an American Girl doll (which she asked for) and DD2 a Toddler Coupe. I think they'll be pleased. He even remembered the pets; Merit got some chew toys and Mama & Monkey got some "squirrels". Seems our household was extra good this year!
So, while the babes are all snuggled in their beds, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you all are safe in your travels, keep warm and find the meaning of Christmas in all that you do today.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clear Cake People (aka—1000 Marbles)

I got my daily chain mail this morning. I get this kind of stuff all the time, I'm sure you do too. The chain letters that will bring you love, health and long life as long as you "send it on to 10 of your friends in the next 10 minutes or you'll be doomed to email hell." (On a side note; are you really my friend if you're willing to risk dooming me to email hell over a chain mail? Or are you just concerned about your own well being? I digress...) I normally delete them after I read them (fight the madness, stop the spam!). But I got one today that was worth mentioning (link here if you want to read it.) It reminded me of a friend I knew many years ago. And he had a theory about living life that I seem to be having trouble with as of late. The hectic pace I’ve been under this last month has made it hard to “see the forest for the trees” so to speak. So when reading this story I remembered this friend and his lesson and I thought it would be good to share with you.

This friend, “Tim” was Chinese (there’s a reason I’m mentioning this, stick with me here for a minute). He grew up in the Midwest; one of four boys. They owned the town’s Chinese restaurant (of course they did). He used to joke that every town in America is required one Chinese family to run the one Chinese restaurant in each town. I always check when I travel now, and I think he might be right. Although, maybe not Tuna, I’ll have to ask Antique Mommy if Tuna has a Chinese restaurant. Tim’s Grandparents lived in San Francisco. I’m not sure how it all came to be exactly, but by the time I met him he was living in SF with his Grandmother; taking care of her basically. I would venture to guess that they were probably taking care of each other. He never really talked about his Grandmother or the fact that he lived with her. I remember our little group of friends had known each other for quite some time before we became aware of the fact that he drove down to the South Bay for work because he lived up there. And that he lived up there because he lived with his Grandmother in her house. I believe he didn't mention it, because it was just something he did. He didn’t question it or complain about it, he just did it. I found out later that he was the one who came to live with her because he was the most mobile of the four brothers at the time. (Just out of college, no wife/girlfriend or kids to relocate). I think he never complained because in the Chinese culture (as well as many others) the older family members are revered and honored. When Grandma was alone and it became apparent someone needed to be keeping an eye on her to some degree the family figured out who was in the best position to go and then that person went. They didn’t put her in a “home” they moved in with her so she could finish her days in her own home. I know that’s not realistic for everyone, but it says a lot about their family and their commitment to each other. If he resented it I never knew. I don’t think he did and this theory of his is why:

Tim used to say that he thought us we had the whole birthday cake and candle thing backwards. That at the time of your first birthday they should figure out your expected life span and put that many candles on your cake. This means on your first birthday they start with say 75 candles. Every year they take a candle off. By the time you’re getting short of breath you have fewer candles to blow out. Once you’ve “cleared your cake” then everyday is an extra gift and people who fall in that category should get special treatment. He felt that “clear cake people” should get a free ride: free rent, no taxes, free transportation, free meals, free health care, etc…You’ve more than paid your dues to society, now it’s our turn to take care of you. This was told to us during Happy Hour one night and after that we would often toast to the “Clear Cake People”. I think this little story speaks volumes of how he felt about his Grandmother.
In the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, take a few minutes to take a deep breath and relax and think about why you’re rushing about; to have fun right? Don’t forget to have fun. Don't resent that dinner party you're going to because you really should be wrapping. It's really about being with people, and enjoying the time together. And when you say grace or propose a toast on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day make sure to toast the “clear cake people” and enjoy the candles you have left on your cake.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best Laid Plans…..

Yeah, so I was supposed to post on Fun Monday…silence….and now it’s Wednesday.

I think I missed it. I took pictures during the weekend and outlined in my head what I would write about, I was so prepared! But it just didn’t happen. I’ve been having a rough week. It hasn’t been awful or anything, just unbelievably busy and exhausting and Gawd it’s not over yet, it’s only Wednesday! sob I guess I mean, “It’s only Wednesday!” In spite of the fact that I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down for two minutes I still have TONS of things to do.

Soooo the biggest obstacle I faced in participating correctly in Fun Monday was the lack of sleep I got Sunday night. DD2 has been teething for going on a month now. About a month ago, out of nowhere; low-grade fever, drool-y (from a kid who doesn’t typically have that issue), wants her bink all the time, wants to be held all the time, cranky….you get the picture: teething.

DD1 never complained about getting teeth. In fact, the way we would know she got a new tooth was because she was nursing and would tend to bite me whenever a new one was coming in. Testing it out I guess. She got 4 teeth at 4 months (all at once) and then got one a month until she was a year. After that, I stopped nursing (because she was biting me enough to draw blood for several days, think pink milk; there’s your visual. You’re welcome.) And one day it was like, “Oh look, she’s got molars.”
Not so much with DD2. She’s been pretty low key about her teeth up till now, but these ones are killing her. So that was my very long way of telling you she couldn’t sleep Sunday night because of teething. She wanted to be rocked & held. This started around midnight & at 1 AM I was dying so I brought her to bed with me. I’ve never done that before. Having sleep issues create a whole different dynamic about bringing your kids in bed with you. Anything that might prevent you from sleeping well, you avoid. So up until Sunday neither of my child had spent a whole night in our bed. So all 3 of us were miserable. Thing about it was that she was happy enough to be in our bed, but what she really want was to lay ON ME and be held, while holding Daddy’s hand. After less then 2 hours sleep (and not all in one shot) I was a bit loopy all day Monday. I was lucky I made it to work in one piece, much less put a full sentence together.

Yesterday, I crammed and got the Grandparent’s scrapbooks finished. So that’s what I took up my time with on Tuesday. I’m really happy with them and I’m really happy I didn’t have to pay extra postage in order for the one to make it to Kansas before Christmas. But I AM SHOT.

Today, I’m dealing with the rental home we have and trying to get a credit report done on an applicant. She didn’t meet the criteria, but because of the way the system is set up now, I don’t know any details. I’m debating about what my standards should be, but I still feel that I ought to stick with my original plan, so I’ve had to relist it. So Much Fun!!!

And, of course, I have not finished my Christmas shopping. Tonight after the girls go to bed I’ll be out trying to finish up. Sigh. I’m tired. Oh, and I forgot to bring the hard drive with my photos on it to post for Fun Monday. I do believe I have missed Fun Monday for this week. I suck, which I wouldn’t mind so much if I could just get some sleep while I was sucking…

Thursday, December 13, 2007

X-mas-y Type Things.

We decorated on Sunday, and at the beginning I had lots of helpers.

(Please note we have given the living room to the kids as a playroom, my whole house is not full of toys, you're pretty much seeing all of it. And yes, we do have way too much, a good portion of which is hand-me- downs.)

Why yes, that is a life size Barbie in the background, you mean you don't have one?

I made a huge deal about putting the star on the top of the tree the first year for DD1 and now I may have created a monster. We let DD1 put it on, but then had to stage a second round for DD2. The annual Staging of the Star!

DS decided the star needed straitening, but DD2 wasn't going to be left out of that either.

This incident should've clued us into the upcoming accident on Tuesday in which she pulled a chair onto her face, but that's another story. (Thankful no permanent damage, just to my ego and her trust I'm sure.) Right now my child and I are so bruised up I'm sure CPS is on their way over.

The kids had to go to bed before we were done, so near the end, not so much on the helpers Even Merit crashed out.
Monkey was providing help of her own kind. I’m sure she’ll do her best to scale the tree in the next week.

And finally the end product! (I kinda like blurry one, it's all with me here people!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ClusterF#@$ of a Day

I’m having such a clustf#@* of a day, can I just tell you? It’s not a totally sucky day, but it’s one of those days where very everything seems to take extra steps and it just kinda beats you down.

Example 1:

I overslept this AM. My alarm was going off when my mom showed up to get the girls. My mom, in true form, yelled at me because I was still in bed. Cause, you know, oversleeping, being late for work and rushing around feeling out of it is my version of fun!
On a similar note, I’ve been falling asleep in the late afternoon/early evening, it's not your dozing on the couch kind of thing, it's more along the lines of pretty much passing out while standing up. I’m staring to think I may be dealing with CFS which is a symptom of Fibro. I haven’t had this symptom before, but I’ve found that the symptoms seem to change around after each pregnancy. So this is fodder for another post.

Example 2:
Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but our renter (of 7 years) recently moved out. (Inconsiderate bastard went & bought a house, how rude! I’m just bummed cause he was such a good renter and now I have to deal with all this crap.) So I ran the Craig’s List ad & had 5 people came to look at it last weekend. One turned in her application (two others were supposed to but have flaked, go figure) so now I’m trying to run her credit check. Standard landlord stuff…dude they want more information on me than they do on her!

Apparently the patriot act requires all this info now to help curb identity theft. They want to come inspect the physical property and the place where you store the property records! They want to know that you have an appropriate way of disposing of those records. Next they'll be asking for my first born. Dude, how come all those credit card companies get my credit info so easily then?

I think I found a solution for this, without having to go through the whole check out my place and my fancy organization (a moving box stacked high with papers that need to be filed into the filing cabinet, cause I'm so organized.) I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ok, back to happier times and X-mas posts later.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I know Monday is almost over (it is over on the East Coast, but it's only 7 in Hawaii) but I'm still making it. I recently discovered a couple new blogs and via that I came across Fun Monday. It seemed like such a cool idea that I jumped in! Plus I think the topic is such a good one. I just so happens that we decorated our tree last night & when I sat back to enjoy it I decided to take a picture of my favorite ornament for a blog post. Queue Twilight Zone music. I'm physic or something. So without further ado:

This week is hosted by Lady K and is about your favorite ornament:

In the spirit of the season I would like to see your favorite Christmas
tree ornament. Not to be confused with the WHOLE tree. I want you to zoom in and show me one or a few(you know I can't choose just one!) of your favorite
ornaments. If you don't decorate a tree, show me your menorah or dreidel,
Kinara, or Yule Log. I want to see your favorite decoration for this holiday

I have many favorite ornaments. I have several really cool ones that were made by my Godmother as "cards" on Christmas gifts. They're things like felt angels and wooden animals. They contain our names & the years in which they were made. I get the impression that my
mom thinks they're kind of a hippie thing, but I think they're cool. I also have a set of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz wooden ornaments. But my overall very, very favorite ornament is one that is only 7 years old. It was given to me by DaddySpeak on our first Christmas as a married couple. It contains a picture of us on our wedding day. We're standing outside of the church kissing. When I look at it I'm reminded of how happy I was that day, and how very lucky I am to have him in my life (remind me of this next time I'm bitching about him, OK?) So I think it's pretty evident why it's my favorite.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Enjoy Being a Girl

I was over on “Want Not” (great site for great deals BTW, Mir is my hero and she’s pretty, and not just cause she finds me great deals on stuff) and one of the deal’s she posted had to do with a “globe for girls.” It’s Pink and it comes with a cookbook, because geography alone won’t interest girls.

Ummm, I have a lot to say on this subject. I’ll do my best to keep it sort
of short, but you know how that goes with me so make sure you have something to
drink & get comfortable.

The comments section of her post evolved into an I hate “Bratz” discussion. Which, I am totally down with; I too loathe the Bratz.

I have a general philosophy about most of the things my kids play with;
everything in moderation. My experience is that kids covet what they can’t
have, so you don’t let them have it that’s what they want most. If you let
them have it in small doses then it loses it’s allure & they move on.
I feel that way about most things except Bratz. I think Bratz are awful because their main motivation is dressing cool (aka—slutty) and having attitude.

Dude, I am your mother & I have years of attitude on you (oh, no she dint,
Oh, Yes, she did, snap!)
If you’re going to have an attitude than have at least some smarts to back it up with, in which case you’ll probably figure out that, that kind of attitude isn’t helping you get so far in life. Something to ponder...
Someone commented that while they hated Bratz, but as a kid they played with Barbie so they supposed that made them a hypocrite. Hey, I played with Barbie, and while her clothing choices weren’t making her any girlfriends, at least she was career minded, right? So I went to the Barbie website to mention all the cool jobs Barbie had & found that I stand corrected.

I remember that Barbie was a pilot, a veterinarian, a pediatrician, a teacher, etc… very noble professions. Upon looking at the site I became totally disillusioned. I know there was “US President Barbie” when I was growing up, I know there was, damit!!! But when I went to the website to see if there was “computer programmer” Barbie or “NASA Engineer Barbie” I found that they were all “Fairies”, “Top Models” and “Fashion Fever” dolls….WTF? I guess Barbie is over the career thing now.

She thought she wanted a career, turns out she just wanted a job. Hey someone’s got to heat that dreamhouse.

So then, I clicked over to the “collectors” site thinking I’d find those career minded girls there. I found that they are mostly “Designer inspired” and “Hollywood” themed. There were a few “retro” style ones of which “career girl” from the 60’s is dressed nicely but I believe she’s off to be a receptionist. I’m not dis’in anyone who’s a receptionist, (I’ve been one myself at times) but I was kind of hoping for “financial advisor/CPA Barbie” or “Public Relations Barbie”. Maybe even “Graphic Designer Barbie” or “Venture Capitalist Barbie”. Something!

We hear all this marketing about “girl power” and empowering our girls; “go far in life”, “break down boundaries’ and glass ceilings”, but for all our talk we sure don’t seem to give them much that’s tangible. We PC “Take Your Daughter’s To Work Day” by hybridizing it into “Take your Child to Work Day”; the point was to give girls’ female role models, enlighten them to jobs they may not have been aware of previously and give them a sense of being special for being a girl. Hybridizing it takes that away, but that’s a soapbox for another day. We give them playthings that are only focused on fashion and beauty defining for them that their worth is really in their looks and when we do give them playthings of substance, (yes, I’m bringing it back to the globes, surprisingly this rant does have a point,) we imply that they can learn this stuff (geography) but “make sure you stick the basics girls’ learn to cook so you can keep your man happy.” Yeah, I’m being a bit sarcastic, I know, moi?, but the whole thing frustrates me.

I have two daughters and I want them to know they can do whatever they want education-wise, and therefore career-wise. It is only their mind and imagination that will hold them back, not money and definitely not gender. Both my girls are very big pretend players, especially with dolls. Right now it’s mostly princesses and mommy play, but soon it will be other things and I certainly don’t want the toys they play with to limit them, so maybe you can understand why this gets me a bit riled up. I am all about being a girl, I love the color pink and I love getting all dolled up in a girly sort of way. But being girly and being smart, strong & self-sufficient are not mutually exclusive and it’s time the media started to remember that.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You Say It’s Your Birthday….

December BirthdaysYup, I'm 39….for the FIRST time.

I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Maybe sort of numb (but that could be the lack of coffee, food and chocolate in my system.)

Guess it doesn’t really matter how I feel because like it or not, I am 39.

That number conjures images of people who I think look (and act) much older than I do. I wish I had some heartfelt wisdom of which to impart on you after 39 years of living, but seriously, the most I can offer right now is that I need coffee. Do you feel enlightened now? Yeah? Well, I still need a starbucks, so I’m off to take care of that need. Hopefully later I will be able to provide you with something a bit more enlightening once I’ve had that coffee.

Oh, and thanx to Robinella for the graphic for my b-day!

Monday, December 03, 2007

POB, Perfectly ;-)

The Original Perfect Post Awards

One of my fav reads every day is over at Cry It Out. Mike’s an excellent writer; I mentioned that last Wednesday when I was pimping other people’s blogs (OPB). There I two reasons I find Mike’s narrations compelling:

1) He has an adorable daughter who is the same age as DD2. It’s always good to commiserate with others, who are going through similar things, and I have no doubt that his Emme and DD2 will be cohorts in crime fast friends, if we ever finally meet IRL.

2) I aspire to be able to write as well as he does; he’s very good at communicating the feelings of a moment/story in very short order. (My 8th grade English teacher would’ve said, “He’s pithy.”) I, on the other hand, need to write a shot story just to tell you that I woke up.

I nominated this particular post for a November Perfect Post because it resonated with me on some many levels. From the comments he received I would say I am not alone.