Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And We’re Off…

Well, in like 3 hours we are off to the hospital. So I had a post from today all set to write, but really I need to get some sleep as I’m HAVING A BABY in a couple hours!

TS got her nails done & was adorable about it BTW. I have pix, but we’ll see if they end up here considering there are about to be adorable “new baby sister” pix forthcoming.

Not sure I’ll get much access till Monday, so don’t think I’m neglecting you Internet. It's not personal, I just have to borrow laptops & hope for good WiFi in the hospital, but there's a good chance the planets and stars will not be in line for ALL of that.

Next time we talk I’ll be the mommy to TWO adorable little girls.

(How weird is that to think about?)

DS may just get permission to go buy that shotgun yet.


moe said...

Best Wishes for a healty baby and an easy delivery!