Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nothing New to Report

Baby is still cooking. Lots of contractions. Lots of "stop in my tracks until they’re done contractions," but no rhythm to them like last night. I figure short of my water breaking or feeling like I actually do need an epidural we won’t be heading to the hospital until Thursday at 4:30 AM as planned.

Besides, I have fun day planned for tomorrow. TS fell asleep at 5:30 tonight & would not get up. I’m thinking she’ll be up early (hopefully not 4 AM), so we’re headed to Target to exchange some shoes (for her) and maybe let her pick out a gift for her “new baby sister”, then off to get OUR nails done. I’ve wanted to take her to go get hers painted, so I figured I wouldn’t mind a pedicure and she could get her fingers painted in the meantime. She’ll be so excited. Then off to speech therapy and if all goes well I’m thinking maybe we could got to “tea” (for lunch) at one of these cool little tea shops we have here locally. The tea part is a big maybe, but I’m thinking maybe G’ma & SIL & cousin S could join us too. G’ma, SIL, S & I did this the week before TS was born and it was fun. So we’ll see.

Name Progress:

This is part of the post that was usurped my little run to the hospital. It's all still current.

No, we have not settled on a name yet.

DS has started the negotiation process. I knew it was going too smoothly. He’s agreed to one of my names, but in the same breath started maneuvering for his mother’s maiden name as the middle name. I refuse to go along under those circumstances, so while he’s agreed I’m not sure it’s really for sure yet.

We had this discussion when pregnant with TS and all my reasons for not wanting to do this still exist. The main reason (beside the whole “avoid family names”) is why hers? Why not mine? The baby’s getting your family’s surname, so if you want to argue that whole deal I would think my maiden name should get precedent. (If you know me, it’s not that far of a stretch to think I might have insisted that our kids get my maiden name as a middle name. However, if you knew the name in which we speak you’d understand why I didn’t insist on it. It’s long & kind of odd.) Of course, his answer is that his mother’s maiden name “dies” with her. (So dramatic.) Well so did my mom’s and my grandma’s, so I don’t buy into that argument. Beside the fact that it’s not my responsibility to carry on her maiden name, and then there’s the fact that honestly the woman hasn’t always been that nice to me. (Yes, I know better then to say that one to him, but it helps keep me steadfast in my conviction.) I also think it would possibly create hurt feelings on my side of the family. Ultimately, it’s not a name I feel strongly enough about to have to explain to my family & deal with their hurt feelings. And it’s our child’s name for life. Those hurt feelings will continue for a long, long time.

So I think we have a first name. Maybe. But we don’t want to rush into anything.