Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Countdown….

29 days until my due date and counting. Really it’s like 28 since today’s pretty much done.

Yes, I’m in the last month of pregnancy & my body can definitely attest to it. Granted, I have had a relatively easy pregnancy; no bed rest, no high blood pressure, no special diets or gestational diabetes…you get the idea. I understand that compared to what a hard pregnancy can be I haven’t had one. However, that hasn’t kept me from bitching about it constantly. But if you do something well….

I was going to write about my symptoms of late; I’ve been have significant issues related to my low blood pressure again, but today took the cake.

I went to yoga yesterday afternoon, which normally I love. But it was a poor experience at best because I kept having issues with dizzy spells/almost passing out during class. After class I felt really shaky & never really got over that. I slept poorly last night, but I slept, so that’s always a plus in my book. The reason I slept poorly was because I was having cramping all night, mostly in my diaphragm (let me tell you a spasm in your diaphragm, not fun,) but also in other places, like my legs, bum, etc…So I woke up feeling like shite & exhausted. I ended up staying home from work, I was going to be late as it was and had already made arrangements to leave early to take Merit to the vet, so I figured what’s the point? For the first hour this AM I actually started to feel a bit better, but then the contractions started. This batch is more like major pressure, they’re hard to time because they’re deep (think uterine contractions) and it’s hard to tell when they start & stop. But I can tell they’re at regular intervals. As opposed to the last batch, these actually hurt and they make me nauseated. So I took TS to my folks house (what we usually do on Tuesdays anyway) and we both hung out there until I needed to take the dog to the vet. These contractions went on until about 1:00 today, they didn’t stop at that time, but they seemed to slow down. The finally stopped sometime around 6.

I figure I’m going to go into labor & not know it because my body has been freaking out for the last six weeks or so.


28 more days…..


Monica said...

I don't think it will be too much longer, if that helps. ;)