Friday, April 14, 2006

Weight here (yes, again)

It’s been a rough day. Hopefully, that post from yesterday had enough positive energy for you for a while, cause not so much this go around.

I was actually going to write about two things today; my doctor’s visit and TS’s lovely behavior. My doctor’s appointment is way more then you probably want to read and TS’s behavior (which has been unbelieveably awful today) makes me tired just thinking about it. So you’re just getting the doctor’s visit. I’m going to act like TS’s deal is done & start over with her (after her non-nap.)

Went to the doctor’s today; Thank God. The last two nights were repeats of Tuesday, except both in the evening. Wednesday night’s episode kept me up past 2 AM! Last night’s started while we were dying eggs at my parents house, sometime around 7:30-8. I was in bed by 9 & basically passed out from exhaustion, but at least I got some sleep, right? I was glad to have an appointment so she could at least tell me if all this crap was making anything happen.

I am now on the road of weekly appointments; this is the homestretch folks!

I am 1.5 cm dilated & 70% effaced.

I know that means nothing.

I personally know people who walked around for a month at 3 cm. (Apparently my mom was one of them when she had me. Of course, when I called & informed her of this fact she yelled, “Oh My God! You’re in Labor!” and she was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office w/my 90 YO Aunt. Niiice.)

Anyway, at least there’s something to show for all this crap, right? Cause I've been feeling like rite shite lately, so I would've been a bit dissapointed if she's said, "closed up like a drum."

Note: I do NOT want to have the baby this weekend. In fact I don't want to have this baby until after Tuesday. Don’t have a baby on a holiday weekend if you can avoid it. TS was born on Memorial Day weekend, it’s a skeleton staff at the hospital. It sucks. Overall it was fine, I just know it would better if we were on a full staff, who aren't pissed they have to work because it's say Easter. I this baby to want till after Tuesday because we’re going to The Wiggles concert Tuesday night & while I’m not that jazzed to see them I will be disappointed if I miss watching TS see them. Even when she’s a B-R-A-T I love her that much.

But (there’s always seems to be a but)

I lost another pound in the last week.

My doctor was NOT happy. She thinks I’m not eating, but I am. I’m supposed to be adding snacks to my day; high fat stuff; whole milk, ice cream, jamba juices w/the protein boosts, nuts, eggs, etc…. Bummer is that right now I’ve hit that point where eating a normal amount makes me feel awful because I have no room for the food. I’ve already had to start stretching my meals into all day affairs just to get them in, so I don’t feel so sick from eating. Last night (at my mom’s) we had baked pasta w/garlic bread & brownies for desert, I guess I would’ve lost more if I hadn’t eaten over there, huh?

Not only did I lose weight, but my uterus hasn’t grown at all. (I just lost all male readers didn’t I?) They measure you (with a tape measure) from the top of your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus. I think they start doing this around 20 weeks. Anyway, the number of weeks should actually correspond with the number of cm you measure (I think it’s cm), cool little detail, huh? I’m only 33 cm, I should be reading about 36-37 by now. My doctor actual said, “This baby isn’t growing.” Well now, that’s comforting. I have another ultrasound before my appointment next week.

Why next week? You think if there’s something to possibly be concerned about they would do it like say now maybe? Call me crazy.

We did have a discussion about TS’s weight at birth & then I told her how she lost a full pound in the hospital; meaning that while the kid might have weighed 6 lb 13 oz at birth, but a full pound of that was really fluid. So if you consider it that way she a pretty small baby. Then I told her how TS took 6 weeks to gain that pound back. And she said, “So basically you’re a family of poor eaters.”

Geez. I'm going to go eat some whole fat ice cream now.