Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Laboring along

Made it to work today, more contractions, but nothing like yesterday, guess this is just the way it’s going to go for the next 6 weeks or so. Yes, I know we’re only 28 days away from my due date and that works out to 4 weeks, but somehow I’m thinking I will not only get the torture of this constant, “am I in labor?” but I will get to drag it out an extra couple weeks, at which point I’ll either have the baby at home because I won’t believe I’m in labor until it’s too late or I’ll have to be induced.


You know, everyone is so worried about the torture of prisoners? Just pump them full of hormones so as to give them pregnancy symptoms, then after 3 days of that let a bunch of menopausal women interrogate them. I’m telling you, 5 minutes; anything you want to know. Of course, reading this blog these days, not a far cry. All of this, much cheaper then flying them to all parts of the world to do the dirty work. I'm a genius.

I know I haven’t posted a BOTD in a while. I kinda figured all my posts are all BOTD lately. But because I said I would, the one du jour is that I can’t eat anymore. I wasn’t eating much before, TS easily out eats me. But if I eat more then a couple of bites of anything I end up with major bloating & heartburn. I have GOT to be CLOSE on this labor thing!

Ok. now that I’ve gotten that all out of my system; Since really, I’ve got nothing for you I figured I’d post some more house pix. Pretty soon it’ll be all kid pix all the time, so you should enjoy it while you can. These are from TS’s room. I also have her name on the wall, which I can’t show you cause then you’ll know her name and you know how I feel about that. But the font of the letters is super cool. Check it out here. I want us to pick BS’s name just so I can order her’s. (I’m kinda a font wh0re, got over 300 of them on my computer. I just LOVE them.) Don’t worry, one of these days I may even post pix of the nursery.


Antique Mommy said...

Love the font for the lettering. Very cute. Do post a pic of the nursery. Cuz I'm nosy like that. Wishes coming your way from Texas for a speedy and easy hospital delivery!