Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lucky Daddy

Ok, so I’ve neglected you Internet. Sorry. I have excuses. Don’t I always? Sunday was my family baby shower & I’ve actually even put the photos on my CPU at home already, but DS wanted to use the computer before I got to post them last night, so tonight I promise!!! (Assuming what I’m about to tell you doesn’t usurp my time.)

I’m not feeling very good.

Well now, there’s a newsflash.

No, really not feeling good.

Yesterday I left work early because I had a raging headache (among other things). I’ve also been dealing with all the symptoms; arms, legs, hands, and feet; all falling asleep, really bad headaches, dizzy spells, and now swelling, which all go along with low BP. It started pretty much Sunday afternoon and has been getting progressively worse. I know, this isn’t exactly new. But I’ve also been having low back pain in a big way. It may or may not be related. I think its low level contractions, but they aren’t exactly the kind you can time so I’m not sure. It’s a low deep ache, but it comes & goes. I get muscle spasms in that area (Fibro) so I know what those feel like, and it’s not exactly the same. Yes, I realize it could just be that the baby is getting to a certain size and it’s affecting my posture so that the muscles in my back are having spasms. None of that changes the fact that I pretty crappy and didn’t really sleep last night.

And this is different from when? No, I really didn’t sleep last night. It’s bad.

I am also freaking out because my husband’s co-worker’s wife had a baby this weekend: 2 WEEK EARLY and some good friends of ours also had their daughter on Friday: 3 WEEKS EARLY!!! What is up with that? Was there a full moon or something? So during the little bit of dozing I did get in last night I would suddenly wake up thinking, “OMG, if we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night and our friends or my parents came to stay with TS, there aren’t any sheets on the spare bed! I’ve GOT to make that bed!” Or “I NEED to dustbust the stairs!” I think I’m suddenly nesting. I did not “nest” when pregnant with TS. At least not in the traditional way, like this.

I’m obviously hormonal. DS & I had a fight Sunday night, (we rarely fight) over NOTHING really. (Over picking up after ourselves.) Over me being a bitch to him. And when he was stating his case I realized how hormonal I really am becoming, cause everything he said was true and I am being such a bee-yoch! Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees you know?

So I feel like shit and there’s going to be a flurry of hurry up & get the house in shape. DS should be thrilled.


Antique Mommy said...

I was going to get the house ready before Sean came along, but he came six weeks early and that was the end of that. He's two now and the house is still not ready and now I'm thinking why bother, he'll be grown and gone in 16 years.

Did you hear that the gestational period has been officially downgraded from 40 weeks to 39? I'm full of fun facts.

mama speak said...

As a matter of fact I did hear that. I was 39 weeks last time so I'm thinking this time no longer then 38--which most likely means it'll be 42 as an induction. ;)