Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thoroughly Engaged

So today is the 6th anniversary of our engagement. (Note: pix from Mardi Gras party summer after engagement. I can't find the e-version of our engagment photo & the scanners not hooked up right now.)

Yes, my husband proposed to me on April Fools Day. I have a scrapbook page with the whole story written out, but it’s not where it’s supposed to be, so I’ll have to do it from memory. (Really I think maybe DS ought to write it, but then he might start reading my blog & we wouldn’t want that now would we?)

Apparently, DS had purchased the ring some time prior to April 1st. Knowing I love old jewelry, but having very small hands, wrists & fingers, most rings along those lines would look ridiculous on me, DS had looked high & low to find something that would be my taste (old, pretty & not too big—“something tasteful”) . After much frustration he had found the perfect ring at an artist shop in Los Altos, but it had to be made. So he’d been planning for some weeks on asking, but had to wait for the actual ring to arrive.

When the ring did arrive he was trying to find the right moment, and quickly, because having it was making him nervous.

Our group of friends used to organize a TNO (Thursday Night Out) every week. We’d start the weekend with happy hour on Thursday. It would usually ended including dinner and possibly even bar hopping after. What can I say? We were single and fun and could stay up late. Someday I’ll tell you stories about how much fun we were and all the parties I have pictures of (what I remember of them). Anyway, he was thinking maybe he’d propose after dinner on TNO, but then decided that maybe the parking lot of an Italian chain restaurant, probably not so romantic and during dinner, with 10+ other people, not so much either. (Have to agree on both of those.) But in anticipation he’d gone and bought me the unbelievably gorgeous red roses.

He refers to them as “gay guy roses”, meaning that if you want the best flowers be sure that there’s a certifiable gay guy working at the shop you purchase them from as they will always be the best. Expensive? yes, but you get what you pay for and a certifiably gay person who actually works in the flower shop is going to make sure you have beautiful flowers.

So he gave me the flowers at the end of the night “just because”. I was bowled over because they were so beautiful, but also kind of pissed about them. I didn’t let on I was annoyed, but we were leaving the next afternoon to go skiing for the weekend with a bunch of my co-workers and that meant the prettiest (and I was sure most expensive) flowers I’d ever received were going to be wasted on my cats for two days. But, not wanting to discourage any future random flower giving I didn’t let on.

So Friday afternoon we headed up to Tahoe for a weekend with a bunch of my co-workers. He was thinking maybe he would ask me when we got up there; sneak away just the two of us, then be able to celebrate the rest of the evening with all my friends. Not such a bad plan. Unfortunately on the way up one of cars we were convoying with was in an accident in Davis.


The accident was just bad enough to shake them up pretty well, but not so bad that they couldn’t continue on. The real bummer was that after that happened they were scared to go like over 50MPH, so it to FOR-EVER to get up to Tahoe. Once we got up there it was late and everyone was tired and grumpy. Not such a great vibe for what he had in mind.

So the next day we’re skiing at Heavenly. We finally take a run just to two of us, the last run before lunch. Can you imagine how he must’ve been feeling by then? So he skis off into some trees & tells me to follow him. I decline as I’ve got nothing to prove and usually the snow in the trees is crunchy, I’m not really in the mood. But he keeps telling me to come over,

“You know you can really see the lake from here, come check it out.”
I can see it just fine from here thanks! (He must’ve been ready to bop me at that point.)

Finally he takes off his skis & reaches into his jacket pocket, so I think, “Ok, he wants to take a freaking picture, why didn’t he just say so?” I ski over thinking it’s a Kodak moment, I guess it was, just not the way I thought.

So visualize this; Lake Tahoe in the background, we’re on the side of a ski trail, so lots pretty snow filled trees making us feel all alone, sun is shining and there’s a light breeze blowing. DS had long hair at the time so the breeze is blowing his hair back all Fabio like (which kinda cracks me up now). He pulls his hand out of his pocket & has a small box in it. All the sudden I realize what is happening. He gets down on one knee (oh, yes he did girlfriend!) and says something about how happy I’ve made him and if I would make him this happy for the rest of our lives by being his wife. (This is the part I’m wanting my scrapbook page for, cause I have what he said exactly written in there!) And while he’s getting this out, I’m in such shock that I squeak out, “Really?” And then of course say “Yes!” Much kissing and hugging ensues as you might imagine. I then remembered it was April Fools Day & asked if I had to give it back. He didn’t believe me at first & then was like “NO”.

It was very sweet and very perfect. I’m so glad he asked and I’m glad he did it in such a way that we have a good story to it as well.

ILOVEYOU DS. Thank you for the last 7 years together, my life is so much better for your being in it.


Irony Queen said...

Hi, neighbor! I saw your comment at Zoot's and thought I'd follow up. Yes, totally Catholic. Pretty stereotypical, huh?

Congrats on the engagement anniversary. Heavenly is a great backdrop for that kind of story...I'm jealous!

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