Friday, March 31, 2006

The Taxman Cometh...or something like that

My procrastination is more or less over. TS & I went to H&R Block this AM & spent 2+ hours going over all the paperwork for our taxes. Of course, I have a list of papers that somehow got missed, but 90% of it was there and of the parts that were missed, I know where most of them are, so no biggie. (I hope.)

Before I met DS I did my own taxes. (Go Turbo Tax.) But after we got married DS had these investments and his mother made this big stink about having a professional do it. (Mostly, because she’d made sure it gotten done for her boys all these years & still wasn’t really ready to give up control of that. And really, she wanted to know how far down the food chain her son was marrying.)

Remember all those stories about the outlaws I promised?
Do you see where this is going?
No, this post isn’t going to go down that road, right now. Well, maybe just a little bit.

She did a really good job of making me doubt my abilities in this arena. I know now that his investments are no more special then the investments I have/had, but I was young and naive. She also thinks her son had TONS of money/investments coming into this marriage. We were pretty equal in that area & trust me, neither of us is being courted by the country club, well maybe the country club in Bum Fuck Arkansas, but not here. So her perspective on it was somewhat skewed by not having all the details. But I wasn’t sharing all my previous finance information with her, cause it’s none of her damn business. Anywho, we got our own tax person; a cousin of mine who’s a CPA. Not exactly what she had in mind. What she really wanted was to have us send her all our financials and then she’d have her tax person do them.

She actually said this.

Out loud.

Ummm, I. Don’t. Think. So.

Ok, so that was like 6 years ago. My cousin was a cousin by marriage & they got divorced and she moved to So. Cal last year, so I didn’t think it made much sense to send our stuff down south. Might as well as send to his folks in Kansas, right? Oh, did I say that out loud?

Now I had to find a new tax person. Bah!

Honestly, I don’t think she (my CPA cousin) was doing so much more for us then we could’ve done for ourselves. DS and I discussed it and we’re going back to doing it ourselves next year. I decided this year it was probably a good idea with all the property/investment changes we had to have someone else at least looking at it, just to be safe. So I ended up calling H&R Block. We’ll see how it goes I guess. I can tell you one thing for sure; not as cheap as doing it yourself, or having a cousin who's a CPA.

On a side note; TS was the most excellent child on the face of this earth during this meeting this morning. She colored for about half an hour and then she played quietly with her baby doll. For TWO HOURS!!! (I know adults who couldn't entertain themselves in public that long! Private yes, but I'm trying not to attract any of that kind of spam.) I’m sure when I walked in to the place, loaded with files, 8 month pregnant & 2YO in tow they must’ve been rolling their eyes. But my child could not have been better behaved.

I am so proud of her!

I splurged & took her to “Micky D’s” for lunch (her choice and a BIG treat for this house). And because she wanted to, we drove to G’ma & Papa’s and ate it there.

She was super happy. And so am I.