Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stressing Out

So I’m having the ultrasound this afternoon. I’m sure it’s all fine, but I did something really stupid the other day and I’m sort of worked up over it. I tried to see if Dr. Google could tell me anything about “measuring smaller from one week to the next”. It was a mistake because the information I got was all related to “measuring small” (or in some cases measuring large). My doctor didn’t say I was measuring small, she just said, “You measured smaller then last time,” (frown) (I hate the frown, don’t you? Why do they have to frown like that?). All the information I found was related to the bad things that measuring small could mean.

I know from my last pregnancy not to look up things like that. All the information is going to be the bad/negative cause the “general pregnancy symptom” doesn’t really give them too much to talk about. It’s much more exciting to cover all the damn birth defects your kid could have (even if the chances of it being that are like one in gazillion). In most cases “measuring small” would mean that they’d push out my due date and that is not a big deal. But here’s the thing about that: I KNOW when we conceived this child, pretty much down to the freaking hour. So my due date is dead on. So if the doctor wants to move my date I’m intending to be pretty insistent about any other things we might want to consider since my due date is DEAD ON.

BACKGROUND ON GETTING PREGNANT: We “charted” for 9 months prior to deciding to actually try and get pregnant (for some reason I thought we might have trouble getting pregnant this time, age I guess, so) I wanted to have as much information as possible. My charts (and my temperature fluctuations) could be used for a freaking text book. I am one of these rare women whose temperature moves a whole degree when things change. I know it’s unusual to have it be so definitive, but it was really useful when we needed it. The week we conceived we were being visited by the outlaws (stressful under to very best of circumstances,) and were bidding on our house, so I had a HUGE amount of stress going on. I charted as usual, but I also used an ovulation predictor. My chart told me the same thing it always does, I was “good to go”, but the ovulation predictor told me “nope, nothing happening yet”.

Hmm…wonder if my charts aren’t correct.

We went ahead with the plan (yes, we had sex! TMI I know, but MIM gives you details, I just said we had sex, so you probably ought thank me or something,) even though it said nothing would happen. I figured I probably was ovulating late, which had never happened before, but stress can do that do you, and Lord knows, we had stress right then.

Then my temp shifted up. Well it can do that for two reasons 1) your pregnant or 2) you’re ovulating.

Guess which it was.

Needless, I don’t put a lot of stock in those ovulation predictors (the ones you pee on, I did not invest in the spit kind which are supposed to be better).

So yup, all you women who have tired forever to get knocked up, we got knocked up at age 36 on the first try. I know, I know, we’re lucky & you hate my guts. Trust me, keep reading and you’ll realize my fertility is really the only aspect of my health that seems to be in order. Daddyspeak likes to say you put a Spic & Mic together (I’m Hispanic & he’s Irish) and you don’t TRY to get pregnant you just do. (That should offend the hell out of a bunch of you.) But I digress….

Ok, now that I’ve brought that little ray of sunshine to your day I’ll let you go back to work. I’ll post later and let you know what happens. But it might be MUCH later since the outlaws are arriving at our house today and all bets are off on schedules & free time.

Just think, we’re going to get past this little ultrasound/measuring crisis & jump right into continuing "epic of the outlaws" crisis. Wahoo!

Lucky you Internet, you’re in for a fun week!