Thursday, March 09, 2006

Opps, I did it again!

Yes, more drama yesterday. Contractions started at 3:00 and were every 3 minutes (like clockwork), 45 seconds long. (I think part of what is so unnerving about them is that they’re so perfect like that.) So after 5 of them I called the doctor. My doctor is out on Wednesdays so the on call Nurse told me,

“Since the FFN came back negative it’s very unlikely you’re actually in labor.”

“Yeah, I figured that, so am I supposed to keep calling you guys when this happens or what?”

“Well, if you have more then 10 in an hour you should go to the hospital. Unless you don’t feel comfortable with that and want to go to the hospital now.”

(I don’t want to go to the hospital at all, where’s that option? I just want you guys to tell me that I don’t need to call you when this starts, unless it does XXX”)


I know these episodes are lasting hours at a time, cause it’s generally been a while (I’m thinking more then 2 hours) when I’m commenting on them. So her "advice" wasn’t helping me much.

I drove to my parent’s house to get Toddlerspeak (TS) and by that time it had been well over an hour and they were still going strong. So what do to: the hospital is on the other side of town by our house, but TS wouldn’t be going with us. Do I leave her at G’ma’s? Do I sit around some more? Bah, again! Now I’m getting mad. I mean I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen, but no one really knows and the “error on side of caution” thing means the information I’m getting is making me stressed out.

Screw it.

I took TS home & told Daddyspeak (DS), “I’m not going to the hospital unless they start to do something really dramatic, like hurt, but I’m not doing anything else either, except laying on the couch since I’m pretty sure that’s what they’d tell me to do anyway.” Sure enough after 3 ½ hours they finally stopped.

I could be a freaking M.D. (who needs medical school?)

I have a follow up on Friday AM, so I guess I’ll talk to my doctor about MY guidelines regarding this at that time. Unless, of course, they happen again today. (What do you want to bet?)