Friday, March 10, 2006

Updates on things non-baby related

Here’s something novel; our life beside the drama du jour. (Although we made it through Thursday without any regular contractions, knock on wood.) Seeing the doctor for a follow up tomorrow at 8:45, so I’ll let you know what comes of that.

The Outlaws are Coming

They arrive on the 15th.

All the excitement the last few days has spared you my bitching and moaning about this impending visit. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll manage to more then make up for it. They’re coming for 10 days.


When I start to write about their visit (or things related as this will probably get into full swing before they actually show up) you’ll probably initially think I’m a card-carrying bitch. And while that may be true, over time, you’ll realize I’m not out to lunch on this one. I have waaaay too many stories of how I’ve been the doormat time and again to my outlaws. I don’t think they outright dislike me (but they might and honestly, at this point I really don’t care) but many things have been said/done over time about their expectation that my marriage to Daddyspeak (DS) will inevitably end. This pisses me off to no end! It actually has nothing to do with our marriage. These comments/actions were being made well before we ever even got married. I think it’s a case of no one is good enough for our son/family. (Which is soooo ironic, at least the family part) The other reason they drive me absolutely nuts is that they’re extremely inconsiderate (I’m pretty sure I’m using too mild a term here) of our time/privacy/space.

It’ll all come out over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. If you thought we had drama this week well it’s ratings week starting the 15th!

The Dog Crisis is Back On

I guess it’s not a crisis; it’s just a matter of when & how exactly. Mowry has gotten out twice in the last two weeks. (Happened again today.) DS is pretty much done with the whole deal. I’ve contacted some more rescue groups about him without luck. I’m learning their lingo & basically these “rescue” groups only “rescue” from shelters. They sort of cherry pick the best of them (that haven’t managed to get adopted) and then go rescue them. But they generally don’t seem to except surrenders from the public. That would be us--public.

My mom has actually been helpful on this one (cause she thinks the effort, money & time we’ve put into this dog is unbelievable and takes every chance to give me a hard time about it.) She’s got a couple friends who have “ins” at a couple of these groups; she’s making some phone calls to see if they can get him into one of these groups that way. I believe she's helping because:

1) she's jumping at the chance that we're actually getting rid of him (her words, not mine) and

2) if she helps it might actually happen & happen soon. She really wants him to go before Babyspeak shows up. Her issue, (and she has lots,) not mine.

I'll take the help on this on and only bitch to you Internet, (since she doesn't have my blog address,) cause there's a chance it'll help find Mowry a good situation and that's really all that matters.

If he ends up at a shelter (a.k.a.—in a kennel/cage) his behavior deteriorates dramatically & he’ll be deemed unadoptable & will be put down. But if we continue to keep him (and he continues to get out) it’s a matter of time before he’ll get hit by car. Neither is a good option.

I’ll keep you posted on where he ends up. Like I said, it’s just a matter of when & where, from what I’m hearing from DS the when is happening in the next week or so.