Monday, March 27, 2006

Pretty, pretty…shinny

One of the things that happen this weekend was that my friends gave me a baby shower. I want to write more about it and will tonight. I may even post some photos, cause I’m just that kinda girl.

Anyway, my mom bought me the “totally-girly-self-absorbed” diaper bag I wanted. I was super surprised, cause I’m pretty sure I’m getting something else that was rather expensive from her at my family shower next weekend. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to give me anything this weekend, much less something like this. But I’m so glad she did!!!

We have a Land’s End Backpack Diaper Bag from when Toddlerspeak was born. It’s a great diaper bag. We love it & we still use it EVERYDAY. I highly recommend one if you're in the market. It's very practical.

But this go around I was hopping to get something for ME. I'm sure it's not practical, and not nearly as useful as our current one, but I really wanted it! AND it’s PINK!

So here’s something pretty & shinny to distract you from your day.

Think it would be weird if I just started using it as my purse before the baby’s born?


Wood said...

What do you mean? You still need stuff for TS, right? You are totally justified in using it now if you want.

Antique Mommy said...

I think technically you can carry a diaper bag as a purse until your kid is in highschool or until your husband starts carrying a purse for all his stuff.