Tuesday, March 21, 2006


You may have noticed I got off my arce & updated my links. These are the reason the rest of my site isn’t more updated (like a pretty banner, or some photos, & some actual bio to my bio). But if you remember (meaning if you were one of the two people who were reading when I first started writing) part of my deal with myself was that I was going to focus on my content and assuming I stick with it then I’d do things like update the pretty factor later, so I wouldn’t burn out.
(Aren’t you impressed with my deep thoughts? Imagine how it would be if I wasn’t “focusing on my content”? Lucky you Internet.)
Well that’s my excuse for not doing anything else to the place yet. Cut me some slack Internet! I’m decorating a “brick & mortar” house too! And I have a toddler! And I’m 8 months pregnant! Jeez, when did it get to be 8 months already? Crap I have a lot to do. See I’m busy. Anywho, I pretty much read these sites every day.

It seems like every day I have some minor inconvenience I’m compelled to write about. These days it’s mostly about pregnancy “woes” (the kind of stuff that will understandably really piss off all the infertility blogs). But not really stuff that seems worthy of a whole post, so I decided that I’m going to start adding them to my posts (it’s my blog and I can vent however I want to, right?) Don’t hold me to the everyday thing either (I’m busy remember?) In my usual bi-polar fashion (where do you think Toddlerspeak gets it from?) you’ll most likely get them fairly regularly & then none for a day or two and then several all at once. So here you go:

BOTD – I’m not sure if this is a pregnancy bitch or a weather related bitch. It’s still cold here. We once again have snow on the hills. WTF? When you are this pregnant your shirts now stick out on the bottom so you get a major draft up them. My belly is COLD! I think I’d be fine with my belly (and therefore shirts) sticking out if it wasn’t so damn cold!!!!! I think that bitch was weather related.


Matthew said...

At least you're not having twins or your belly would have been sticking out for a few months now!

Since we live in California, I'm not sure we have the right to bitch about the weather so much - I mean we ain't living in North Dakota!

(my wife would beg to differ, though. So you're in good company.)

kyam11 said...

yeah, you all in CA are NOT allowed to bitch about the weather. I've been in TX for almost 2 months and there has not been a day when I don't think that the friggin wind won't blow my house down. I heard that it gets so hot here in the summer that you can't even go swimming in your own backyard. Swell. Looking forward to getting trapped inside with 2 little boys.

Antique Mommy said...

Thanks for the link MS!

God bless you woman that you have a toddler and are expecting AND write a very good blog.

Oh, and kyam -- welcome to Texas. Yes, it's that bad. And it's not a dry heat either!