Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Art…in the eye of the beholder

On a more upbeat note (from yesterday)….when I went to pick up Toddlerspeak (TS) from my parents’ house yesterday she was just getting up from her “nap”. (It was one of those naps that included no sleep.) Apparently, she had pooped in her pull-up (she’s potty trained, but still wears pull-ups for naps & night time) and decided to undo one side of it and “play” with the contents. (Insert witty poop joke here.) All over clothes, bed, bedding, etc.... Grandma was less then thrilled. It must be a genetic trait or something I did this (I think I was younger then her, and according to legend I “decorated the walls, including window blinds) and her cousin did this too.

We’re such a creative family.