Monday, March 27, 2006

Still Pregnant

Actually, I’m feeling pretty good today & don’t currently have BOTD to post. But it’s early, give me time.
This is just the answer I give to everyone who sees me these days. I am no longer greeted by things like “Hi” or “How are you”. No, these days everyone looks at my stomach & says, “How are you feeling today?” (And some women bitch because men won’t make eye contact with them, they’ll only look at their breasts. How about having everyone look disbelievingly at your gut, honey? Quit your bitching.) I believe these are the precursors to “You haven’t had that thing yet?” And the ever popular, “Wow, you’re huge!”

Had a very busy weekend, with lots to report. But will have to provide this for you later today, as I have actual work to do today. Go figure.

Outlaws leave today & it was the most uneventful visit we’ve ever had with them. Very good for us, not so good for blog posting. Sorry to let you down Internet, after all those promises of great stories I’ve totally left you hanging. Not to worry, there are plenty to choose from, from past visits. Ok, I’ll write more later