Thursday, March 23, 2006

Slacker, but not emotionally

Didn’t post yesterday because I keep reading this, DO NOT CLICK it if you can’t deal with some really, really heavy shit. It’s sad & depressing. Boy is that the understatement of the year. My SIL has a link to this blog on her site & last week, in an effort to curb some boredom, I clicked over. It’s usually day-to-day stuff and she’s a great scrapbooker, so I like to peruse once in a while. Boy, was I surprised. It was right in the thick of things. The baby had just been taken from them just that day. OMG, I can NOT imagine how their family has been dealing with all it. It’s not good for me to keep reading it, I get way too emotional about it, but I’m trying to get the whole back story. So I go check in on it for a minute, read a post, start crying & then get the heck out of there. (I then head over to something I know will be light & funny; gofugyourself or threadbared are always good for that.) But I keep reading because I’m a mom & I know what it feels like to have a child you love so much it really does hurt.

And I have hope for them.

I’m not a hugely religious person (topic for later I’m sure) but I am a spiritual person, so I been sending them lots of good vibes & saying little prayers for their family. It looks like they are going to get the baby back, but wow I still can’t imagine what they’re going through & how awful just the waiting is.

Somehow my little pregnancy BOTD seemed inappropriate after all that. Thus no post.

I promise to post more later today—something light, hopefully funny, along those lines, but I thought you ought to know my mindset right now & why I neglected you yesterday.

Send lots of good vibes their way ok, Internet? They could really use them right now.