Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not Really What I Promised

Sorry Internet. I promised something light, fluffy, and possibly funny. I just don’t have it in me tonight. I just about fell asleep standing up tonight. Thursdays seem to be like that for me. They are my Fridays so maybe you can relate. Daddyspeak (DS) is my hero tonight, he didn’t bitch about having Mac & Cheese for dinner. He did the dishes, he gave Toddlerspeak a bath AND put her to bed tonight. All Hail DS!!!

I slept on the couch.

Then I got up and came upstairs to go to bed, (didn't want to wear myself out on that couch) instead I started doing what I do best: playing solitaire & hearts.


I am going to bed, but I wanted to check back in on Nora’s site and well you know how that goes….So here I am. Plus I did come up with my

BOTD: I’m tired of being hormonal. Sigh, even that is boring.

I’ve been having sort of hot flashes, nausea, feeling gassy, having headaches….

all. freaking. day.

I know, it’s hormones. Honestly, I do wonder if it isn’t low level contractions cause whenever you hear about a women’s labor story the almost always say they felt cruddy that day, and give you a description of symptoms I just gave you. Once again makes me feel like Babyspeak will be making an early appearance. But even that feeling is probably hormones. Bah.

So there you go. Sorry for being such a boring, whiney drag tonight. I’m off to bed as promised. Go read Miss Doxie, she finally posted again. As usual she is HI-LAR-I-OUS. Maybe she seems so funny cause I grew up with a dachshund as a pet, but every time she tells a dog story I do LOL.
Night Internet!