Monday, March 20, 2006


So the visit with the outlaws is actually going pretty well. I think my perception of these things may be skewed after the last time.

Last time they came while we were in the middle of moving houses, a remodel, Thanksgiving, and oh I was 5 months pregnant. It was incredibly stressful to say the least. You think? It was made more stressful by the fact that we had said first, “Please don’t come right now (come at Christmas or something), it’s a really bad time for us.” They insisted and basically said they didn’t care. So then we said, “If you insist on coming you need to stay somewhere other then with us because we don’t have a working kitchen (among other things).”

Note: they own a house 30 minutes away from us, have many, many friends nearby, have another son who lives an hour away and could afford a hotel if they wanted to, so this request isn’t totally unrealistic. They told us they’d made arrangements to stay with a couple different friends.

Then, two days before they were to arrive his mother called crying because, “I don’t like her and they don’t really have a place to stay,” etc…. So in lieu of a divorce (ours, because at this point Daddyspeak (DS) had had it with all us, but I was the one he could focus on, therefore I was being the bitch.) they stayed with us, but it was no fun for anyone. Maybe for Toddlerspeak, (TS) but I think she probably picked up on the fact that no one was all that happy, so probably not even for her.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no party. I’m not signing up for them to move in after this visit or something. But it does seem like people are trying to be more considerate of peoples’ schedules and to communicate their intentions and such, which is a nice change.

We are also having some success in keeping them busy which has been part of our problem in the past. We’ve tried to do this in the past but seem to be having more success this time around. If not, they get bored and get into our stuff. (Literally.) Not a lot of “boundaries” or “privacy” with MIL. (That’s laughable it’s such an understatement.) One of my major frustrations when they come to visit is that DS and I can’t have a conversation without her popping into it going, “What? What? What did you say?” This goes on over Nothing; we can be discussing that “next time you head upstairs can you remember to put more TP in the guest bathroom?” And she’s constantly jumping in (she’s afraid she’s going to miss something). It’s not a big deal initially but after two weeks of it you start to feel like Big Brother is following you around. And forget trying to discuss anything of consequence, like disciplining our child or something. During their last visit we were dealing with moving & remodel details, so we needed to have a lot of conversations about important stuff. It was very frustrating.
Needless, DS & I do a lot of conversing via email when they come to visit.

So, so far Internet the usual drama hasn’t really started up. Not as much blog fodder as I might have hoped, but honestly, I’m glad for it.

Internet, I owe you more detail from Thursday’s doctor appointment. (Getting on the computer at home has been sketchy to say the least.) The Ultrasound found that BS is measuring exactly to her due date. She weighs 4# 3oz. and is like 16-something inches long. She’s already in position to be born, (I could’ve told you that, I told everyone when she was turning cause that’s when the Cirque Du Soeil really started in my belly.) She could turn again, but this is exactly what TS did and the timeframe when she did it, so I think my babies may just be well prepared girls. I have a perfect amount of amniotic fluid (my big worry). And I’m back on appointments every 2 weeks. Yeah!No more contractions, which is the other thing to be concerned about. So hopefully, she’s just reminding us that she’s running the show.