Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madness

Oh yes, it’s March. You wouldn’t know if from the freaking weather we’ve been having! (There is snow on our hills! Yes SNOW in Silicon Valley in FREAKING MARCH!! WTF?) I keep looking at all my cute summery maternity clothes and think, “I’m not going to get to be wearing any of those this time.”

Does anyone have Mother Nature’s email address, cause I think she’s confused? We need to rectify this soon!

The way you know it’s March in our house is because “The Tournament” was this weekend.

Sunday was bracket day. (Yes, they really call it that.)

Daddyspeak (DS) went to KU (that’s Kansas University, NOT Kentucky as some “dumbass on ESPN” kept saying this weekend. DS’s quote, not mine, but I got to hear what a dumbass he was for the rest of the weekend. Thanks Dumbass.)

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, college sports not such a big deal here. I mean if you’re in college maybe. Or if you went to Cal or Stanford you might semi pay attention, but otherwise, the majority of the population, not so much.

DS grew up in Kansas. And KU is always a “contender”. (At least, that’s what I’m told.) So March Madness is a BIG DEAL around our house now. Our friends are always shocked (and I don’t think they really believe me) when they hear about how our house pretty much shuts down on the weekends during this time. Honestly, the only reason the phone might get answered is because we own a TiVO.

One good thing; if the game is early in the day & KU wins DS is in such a good mood I get all kinds of projects done around the house. (Which is what happened this weekend. They BEAT TEXAS!!!! OMG!) If they lose, not so much. So I guess, for many reasons, there is much rejoicing over a KU win in our house.)

TS already knows: Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk

So it’s true; unless KU gets eliminated I’m a basketball widow. Why do you think we’re having a May baby? (I actually want DS to be present for the birth.)



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