Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Circular File

I know, I owe you details about our immensely busy weekend. TS had her sibling class, I had a really cool baby shower and I have pictures to share from both events, but I suck, so you’ll have to wait one more day. Sorry. Here’s why:

I spent this evening filing. Yes, filing. Yuck. I haven’t filed since we moved. In November. I did (more or less) put all our tax related stuff in a “pile” together, but I had to go through several piles of filing to make sure I didn’t miss all the tax papers I needed. So, so much for that idea.

Bah. I hate this crap.

Last year we, sold a house, bought a house, refinanced a rental property (yes, we’re slum lords), sold a bunch of investments to help buy and remodel said house, etc….you get the idea: we have a lot of tax related documents.

I also got really into Flylady (don’t judge, if you can get past her syrupy sweetness, she’s a great resource,) a few years ago. As a result I go to Goodwill (or the library) with donations once a week.


Last year (2004) we donated like $3K to Goodwill.

No, I’m not kidding.

We did have that much CRAP in our house.

I’m not sure if this year will be quite so good on the deduction front. I’d say no, but with move we got rid of a lot more SHITE. So we’ll see.

Oh, and for your reading pleasure, my BOTD: I’m having major lower back pain. Ended up at the physical therapist for it, (Here comes the real bitchy part ;) my old therapist recently moved away so I saw a new one.

She su-cked!

By the time I got off the table I literally couldn’t move my right hip. I almost fell when I tried to walk. Well that was a great idea. I’m feeling better now, but if it’s bad/sore in the AM I’m going to call & request a different therapist.

Ok, off to bed. Night Internet.