Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Showers --not the weather for a change

I have some of the coolest friends ever. Have I told you that Internet? Cause I do.

My friend, H gave me a baby shower tea on Sunday. Being the one who usual organizes this kind of stuff for other people it was sort of weird to have it be done for me for a change. I’m sure I bothered the shit out of H all week calling her asking if I could do or bring anything.

Anyway it was very girly and we had lots of yummy food. One of the coolest parts (I think) was that H borrowed our kids table & set up a “tea” for TS & her buddy I who was there. She even went to the trouble of getting a plastic tea set for the girls & gave it to TS after.

I got lots of really cool baby gifts; blankets (those super soft ones—they didn’t have those 3 years ago when TS was being born), sleep sacks, cute girly clothes, some baby toys; a whoozit (TS never had one, poor deprived child), a foot piano, the diaper bag I mentioned in an earlier post, etc…you get the idea, general baby shower stuff.

This poor baby won't have anything. Riiiight.

TS got a couple gifts too; a diaper bag for her baby doll, a cool blender (pottery barn kids) and a Disney Princess camera & scrapbook, so she can crop with mommy.

I’m have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and amazed how lucky we are to have such a great supportive group behind us.