Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who's the Drama Queen?

Like the way I left you high & dry like that?

“Oh I’m having contractions, I might call my doctor. I’ll let you know.”

Well I did call my doctor, but by that time it was lunch time, so by the time I got a call back it had been 2 ½ hours of contractions. At least by that point I was over feeling ridiculous and was onto feeling nervous and tired.

(Think about it, my abdominal muscles were contracting every 3-5 minutes, for 30 seconds minimum, actually most of the contractions were 1 ½ to 3 minutes long. Now that’s a workout! In the end, it lasted about 4 hours.)

When the Nurse Practitioner called me back she immediately said, “Umm yeah, you need to come in right now.”

Are you starting to notice a theme to my conversations with them?

I call & leave message about what a dork I am cause “I know it’s hormones, but the literature says to call if this happens, so I’m calling.”

They call back & basically say, “Um, you’re a dork for thinking that, please get your arce in here NOW!”

So I go in, pee in a cup, doctor does an exam, runs a swab to determine my likelihood for pre-term labor (Fetal Fibronectin, FFN) and then sends me to pee in another cup (check for urinary tract infection, which apparently can cause pre-term labor as well. Who knew?) Such FUN! I am given strict orders to go LAY DOWN for the rest of the day (no cooking dinner, no playing with Toddlerspeak (TS), no housework, no nothing! Ok, I think I can do that.). Also, drink lots of water (“to the point of feeling like you’re going to float away, and then keep drinking.”). Apparently dehydration can be the cause of this as well. (I drink a ton of water normally, so I’d be surprised if that were issue. But doctors orders!)

So I called the G’parents, where TS was yesterday, and before I even got into the whole coordinating Daddyspeak (DS) to pick her up, they suggest she just spend the night. Well, that would make things easier, wouldn’t it? So that’s pretty much the extent of it. Spent my afternoon/evening catching up on TiVO shows & napping. Computer is upstairs, so I wasn’t online because I wasn’t supposed to be going up and down the stairs. But if this continues we may have to purchase a new laptop & wireless router so I can blog on the couch.

Thing is, I know this has been going on for a while now. (That uncomfortable in my own skin feeling I keep mentioning—this is what that is: contractions.) So I asked the doctor if I’m supposed to call the next time it does this (cause I know it will and it’s just a matter of time). “Next time they’ll send me directly to the hospital and hook me up to monitors.” How exciting! Can’t wait for that installment of this drama.

We like to joke that TS is a Drama Queen, as I was scheduled to be induced with her and my water broke 4 hours before hand. (No one was going to tell her when she was going to be born, she was doing it on her terms at her time, damit!) But I’m starting to think (not for the first time) that Babyspeak is going to give TS a run for her money.