Friday, March 03, 2006

Can you see the steam pouring out of my ears?

This one makes me so mad! I swear there’s steam pouring out of my ears. Yesterday I came home to Daddyspeak (DS) on the phone; something about Mowry. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it would be, I even thought maybe some of my footwork from last time had paid off. (Yeah, right.) Turns out Mowry got out of the yard. We aren’t positive how, but we think he might have squeezed through a small opening where DS has fixed part of the fence, but not all yet. Anyway, one of the neighbors found him & called. She had the nerve to tell DS that the dog looked “awfully thin,” so she fed him cheese & crackers. She also was “appalled” at the bark collar & choke chain on him so she and “a trainer friend” agreed it was too tight and CUT IT OFF! (I believe she should be buying us a new collar for the bark collar.)

First of all: Mowry & Merit are on doggie insurance that we pay for every month. Both dogs went for their bi-annual check up in January. Both dogs weigh 50 lbs.; perfect for Mowry, Merit could use a diet (we keep getting told). He is NOT underweight. (DS actually informed her of this. Part of me feel like I would’ve too, but part of me wants to say why waste the energy explaining it to her cause it’s really none of her business. And for the record “people food” is generally really bad for your dog. So if you know so much about what our dog should weigh shouldn’t also know not to be giving him people food?)

Secondly, WHERE THE HELL does she get off? She doesn’t know us. We have a dog with SEVERE separation anxiety & alpha issues. The behavior things you do to treat one side of these will exaggerate the other. We’ve been through training with him, met w/behaviorists, etc…we’re working on it. It’s better then it’s been, but it’s never going to get great. The dog has issues! We were cited by the city for his barking (separation anxiety) at our other house and after going the gamut of devices have found this is the only thing that seems to work for him. Our next options were either debarking or putting him down. (I can guess what she thinks of those.) We have also found during this process that the electric bark collar actually keeps his overall anxiety level down, so it’s actually a GOOD thing for him. But Miss Judge-y over there wouldn’t know anything about it cause she’s busy on her tower being high-and-mighty. She had the nerve to tell DS that “she would’ve kept him herself, but her yard is too small.” She also suggested taking him to the pound and DS informed her how their “no kill policy*” really works.

OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!! HOW DARE SHE! We are over her putting our literal blood, sweat, stress & tears into this animal and she has the NERVE to make a trite comment like that. PUT UP OR SHUT UP BE-YOCH!

All I know is that it’s good he went to get the dog and not me, cause I might have literally gone to blows with her. As it is, I just found out she still has our choke chain. I’m going to call her when I calm down a bit (so I don’t start out screaming at her bitch-ass in the very beginning. Better to wait till I get the actual collar in hand & then let her have it.)

“Listen bitch, like it or not, we are his owners. We love him, we feed him, and we actually take REALLY good care of him (which is fucking hard to do a lot of the time,). I am SEVEN AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT and I need my both my dogs to be on a choke chains when I have them on lead OR THEY COULD KNOCK MY PREGNANT ASS OVER!!! So kiss my large happy ass bitch, or pony up and adopt the dog. But don’t you DARE tell me how to take care of him. I have yet to find ANYONE who would put up his shit the way we have. And I’m looking.

*Silicon Valley Humane Society’s no kill policy means that they won’t kill any “adoptable” animal. If they deem a pet to be “unadoptable” then they won’t put it up to the public and will have the animal euthanized. The evaluation for this is done at their discretion in a kennel with a bunch of other barking dogs. (And I think the number of dogs they have at that time is taken into consideration.) Mowry was deemed unadoptable by them when my brother’s family took him there. He’s a special needs dog, but he could make someone a good pet. He is not an animal who deserves to be put down for these reasons.


Monica said...

I'll come over and help you beat the shit out of her...just let me know the day and time. :)