Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day in the Life of Toddler Parenting

I was going to write and say that Gerah & Chag are so my life right now. And usually they are. Seriously, that’s part of why I love reading them so much, it’s like they post for me.

(So next time I skip a day, go read thier blogs, it's like reading mine. Only funnier.)

We all have daughters the same age, so I guess they make me feel better about all this toddler stuff. But today Toddlerspeak (TS) must’ve sensed that I was going to write about her. She’s been unusually cooperative. I’m sure she’ll be back to normal after her nap. But as I write she’s even actually napping!!!

We got up at 7. I slept poorly again.

Lots of circulation issues:
headache—bad enough to wake me up at least 2x
arms & legs falling asleep—not the side I’m laying on, shit one time I woke up cause it felt like my lips were falling asleep.

3AM is not really the time you want to take something caffeine laden to help with circulation so I just kept sitting up, shaking it out, not so much with lips though, drinking a lot of water & trying to sleep again.

Needless I wasn’t expecting much out of the day. It wasn’t starting out exactly stellar. But TS got up & got dressed, ate her breakfast, etc… and was super easy about all of it.

Who are you and what did you do with my child?

We had a ton of errands to run today and we were at Target by 9 AM!!! At Target, Babies R US and the Mall she was awesome. I have to admit I try to run these type of errands on the weekends and leave her with Daddyspeak (DS) so I don’t have to deal with her issues over things like riding in a cart, taking things off shelves, etc… but we have a ton of stuff going on this weekend so not really an option. At the mall I even got to try on clothes at the maternity store and splurged on a new top for myself.

I may have to go buy a lottery ticket.

Look picture of me in cute top! 8 months pregnant. Ignore messy room, it was the only room I could get the flash not to screw up the photo.