Friday, March 10, 2006

Just "taking it easy"

Not much new to report. Doctor said everything is pretty much status quo, “which is good.” After talking some more about how these are so long & regular (to which she said, “Yeah, that is concerning.” Thanks.) She said something like, “Well, that may just be how your body is and your in tune to it. We don’t want to disregard it, but if it continues like it has then the best course of action is to go by how you feel. Even if the contractions & timing all seem the same, but something doesn’t feel right then you call us. You know your body best & if you tell us something doesn’t feel right to you then we want to check it out.”

I have a great doctor.


On another note, I got to take Toddlerspeak (TS) to Pump It Up today. If our little excursion to this place didn’t put me into early labor, I can’t really think of much else that could. TS will own the place next time, but the first time anywhere she tends to be shy and wants you to hold her hand through all of it. This was her first time. The worst (or best, depending on your perspective) was this inflated slide, like they have at the fairs & stuff. I made the mistake of carrying her up (at her whiny insistence) the first time. The “climb” is more like a rope ladder; you’re holding onto straps on the sides to keep you balance, and there are “rungs” in the air mattress thing, but you move around cause all the other people on it are bouncing you. And it’s STEEP. No I mean STEEP!!! I realized just going up it by myself was not “taking it easy,” so figured we’d leave that one for another time. But then we ran into some mom’s from our playgroup and one of them kept taking her up there (TS would run over and ask her and she’d go “Sure!” Grab her up and head on up.) I was embarrassed (the kid weighs 32#!) so I did it 2 more times cause I felt bad. She also wanted me in the big “jump house” with her for a while. That was ok. Just bouncy. She got run over by some of the big kids a couple times, but mostly held her own. By the time we were leaving she was imitating all the stuff the “big kids” were doing.

She'll OWN the place next time.