Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sibling Rivarly

Ok, so before I head off to bed to not sleep. (Guess what my BOTD is?) Let me fill you in on the weekend (quickly now, before we get to the next weekend.)

Saturday, I took TS to a sibling class.
Sounds cool, huh?
We are such cool parents, preparing all little girl in all the right ways for the impending disruption to her perfect universe.

It was ok.

Apparently they break these into groups by age & I’d say we were on the old side for this group. I would guess that most of the kids were barely 2, and not exactly “focused” on what was happening.
The teacher handed out dolls (the size of newborn, anatomically correct—ours was a boy). She discussed how to hold the baby, how the baby’s going to move, about the baby’s head (being soft & not to touch it) and how “we don’t want to poke the baby in the eyes, nose or mouth”.

Thanks for suggesting that one, not sure my kid would’ve come up with it on her own.

She then passed out small book bags each containing a diaper, blanket and bottle.
TS thought she died & gone to heaven.
The kids diapered & “swaddled” their babies. TS actually paid attention to the swaddling instructions and made a decent effort at actually swaddling her baby. Better then some of the parents.
What can I say; my kid’s a bit OCD.
They played a video about getting a new sibling; TS & one other little boy actually watched the video the rest of the kids bounced off the walls.
Then they made cards for the babies that will soon be coming to their house. Stickers & crayons were provided.
TS had a meltdown over leaving card making and moving onto the hospital tour. So much fun. I picked her up and told her I wanted to see the hospital, so she had to go.
We viewed an empty labor & delivery room. I'm sure the toddler-set was thrilled.
TS then had a second meltdown over pushing the elevator button. More fun.
We did get to see a newborn leaving the hospital on our way out. Thank God, cause I’d promised we’d see some babies at the hospital.

All in all it was just ok.
We go back this Saturday for a hospital tour for us (they’ve remodeled since TS was born & we want to make sure we know where the fridge is, important stuff you know). Going a second time will actually be good, cause it’ll be her second visit and hopefully make the place more familiar.

TS diapering her baby. Gawd, she can be cute when she wants to be.

Ok, so I'm tired now. I'm off to bed to NOT sleep again. I'll write about the shower tomorrow when I can do it justice. Pix included, I promise!