Friday, April 21, 2006

Take this job.....

I have so much going on right now I can’t tell you. No, really I can’t tell you.

I never really got back to you about my whole job status thing. I can say I am not getting laid off. No one is getting laid off in this little reorganization that’s happening. But it is looking very much like I will be in a new department with a new boss and maybe a new job description when I come back from maternity leave. This is what I’ve been told, but since things seem to be changing constantly around there I haven’t wanted to report back on it unless I knew a little more. The only thing I can say with (some) certainty is that I am not getting laid off (right now).

In light of the way today has gone down, I’m not feeling all that certain about anything related to that place right now.

Some stuff went down at work today and it’s looking a lot like my maternity leave is all screwed up. It has to do with my PT status and much misinformation I was given back in October. It’s all up in the air right now, but let’s just say that I’m beyond being pissed. I met with HR in October to clarify how things worked and avoid the scenario I’m being presented with currently. Where I work is Union and I’ve gotten them involved so we’ll see if anything can be rectified. But I have a feeling not much is going to come from it.

The way my maternity leave was going to work was that I would be off for 3 months unpaid, but would still have medical benefits. The fourth month I would come back PT, 10 hours a week, and take 10 hours a week of vacation to make sure I kept my benefits coverage. I was also intending to start all of this the month of May, meaning next week is supposed to be my last week of work. (Note, I said supposed.)

That’s all out the door.

Based on what I learned today,

I only learned this because my current boss followed up on a form and asked a couple questions, otherwise I would’ve gone on leave without pay and then found out that I had no medical coverage, like as I was having the baby! Meaning none of the hospital stay would've been covered, but we probably wouldn't have known till we got all the bills kicked back at us.

Gawd, I’m sick to my stomach thinking about it.

it looks like I will be working until this child falls out of me, at which time I will be using up my vacation and sick time for two months, to make sure we have medical coverage. After 8 (count them) short weeks! I will have to return to work. I will have no vacation or sick leave in case either of my kids gets sick and most likely kid #2 will not be “sleeping through the night” at that point.

Here’s the part that pisses me off; I could have avoided this if I had been given the correct information in the meeting I had in October. I could be in a position where I’d be getting my time off as planned. It wasn’t much time, but I wouldn’t be burning all my vacation & such and screwing myself over in the process too.

Yes, DS has medical coverage. We are going to get onto his, but I believe what we are going to do is have me take vacation time for this month so the medical is covered as planned, (just in case) then switch it over as of June. I guess, if we do it this way I still might be able to take longer time off (without pay of course) I need to think about it more.

The irony of this; I am basically working because the benefits where I’m at are so amazing. But, you know, they aren’t so amazing when you aren’t covered! Right now, I’m ready to quit. I know it’s a knee jerk reaction, but I feel a lot like, what’s the point of all of this?

Ok, next post I promise Easter and Wiggle’s concert pix and updates.
Oh, and I tomorrow TS has her first denist appointment AND I have another ultrasound & doctor's appointment.

Think all of that might put me into labor? It ought to.


Antique Mommy said...

I'm sorry about all that mess. It really stinks. I hope somehow it all works out in your favor. That's the kind of crud I've never missed about working.

Monica said...

Your mom was telling me all of this yesterday...what a mess. I still can't believe they don't have something in place; other people have gone out on maternity leave, right????