Saturday, April 22, 2006

Babywatch 2006--And Easter Pix

No, I’m not in labor…Yet.

Well, actually I probably am in labor, just the first stage. I have a lot of (new) indications of first stage labor going on, but the first stage can last up to weeks, so my status is pretty much the same as yesterday.

The contractions I’m getting these days are significant. I guess I would be willing to bet they’re what you’d call “productive” cause they hurt like hell.

My mom says it’s payback from last time cause I got my epidural so early. But she’s a ray of sunshine like that. I was only 2 cm when I got my epidural for TS, so I never had any real labor “pains”. I got the epidural because I wanted to sleep. I had discomfort, but actual “pain”, not so much. I’ll write you TS’s birth story on her b-day in May so you can hear the details then.

So these contractions; I get one or two of them every hour to half hour and they’re strong enough that I have to stop what I’m doing; “pro-duc-tive”. Happened all night long, so not the best night of sleep I've ever had, but hey, not the worst either. Occasionally, I get a batch of these that I can time, but so far they haven’t lasted more then half an hour. I’ve pretty much decided that if these type of contractions last an hour, that’s when we head to the hospital.

So on to other subjects:

Of Note: Today is my parent’s 39th anniversary. Jeez, Thirty-nine Years!!! That’s a long damn time. My mom said to me the other day, “Who would’ve thought we’d last 39 years?” To which I replied, “Well, hopefully you guys when you were getting married.” And she said, “No, we were too young to be thinking that far in advance.”

Ignorance is bliss right?

I’d wish them a happy anniversary on here, but they don’t have my URL, so I can have the freedom to bitch about them at will. I called them instead. Actually, they called me to see if I was in labor, cause we might forget to call and tell them, even though they have to come get TS if this happens! I have a feeling we won't be answering the phone a whole lot over the next few days.

The Easter Pix. (I’ll save Wiggles for tomorrow, give you something to look forward to.)

Here’s egg decorating at my folk’s house.

The night before Easter I had her put all the eggs in a basket so the bunny could find them to hide them and we put out a plate of carrots.

Easter morning & egg hunt at our house. We had a 2nd one at my SIL's place, but none of the pix (of TS) came out that cute.