Thursday, April 13, 2006

Things I enjoy about being pregnant….

Here's a novel post, something positive for a change.

It's finally sunny here, maybe it's affecting my mood.

I feel kinda bad about all my bitching lately. I’m pretty sure we’re done having kids after this one, so there a huge part me going, “Uh, this is a pretty special time you should quit complaining and enjoy it.” In light of this, I decided to write out the things I’ll miss when I’m not pregnant anymore. Some of these are also things I won’t miss depending on when you ask me, but ultimately they’re unique to (my) pregnancy so I want you to know I do appreciate what a special time this is for me and my family. Here are the top ten things I like about being pregnant.

In no particular order, of course.

  1. I have a baby, and I can feel her move.
  2. I’m happy fat. (Yes, I feel fat, but it’s “cute”. I know it won’t be so cute once this kid comes out.)
  3. If I want to eat something I can (well except for sushi & alcohol, but there are ways around those things; a sippy here or there and I can still have the rolls w/cooked fish.)
  4. I’ve lost weight, but am still eating anything I want.
  5. I can dress however I want & everyone attributes it to my pregnancy (the whole dress to be comfortable is my usual mantra, but right now no one questions it.)
  6. My skin is so freaking awesome!!! (I normally have really bad hyperpigmentaition, but it all fades when I’m pregnant. I’m one of those women who “glow”, think perpetual “tan”. Unfortunealy it doesn’t last past pregnancy.)
  7. My nails grow and look great!
  8. My hair isn’t falling out (I have tons of hair so the issue is more of a cleaning issue in the shower. I know, it’ll come back tenfold after she’s born.)
  9. I can buy trendy, expensive clothes; trendy; I can’t wear them next year anyway and expensive; all maternity clothes are expensive, so get what you want sister you need it after all.
  10. My Fibro symptoms go into remission so I don’t have to take any medications. It also means I can generally sleep at night and I can more or less eat what I want; not the case normally.)


moe said...

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Good luck and good health to you and you baby!