Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wiggle Wiggle

As I mentioned we attended The Wiggle’s concert in San Jose last Tuesday. TS was thrilled. Even though we talked about A LOT prior, I don’t think she really understood that they were really going to be there. When they came out on stage the look of awe/excitement/joy was completely overwhelming for me. I got teary (to say the least). I know that’s so corny! But it’s true. I suppose it has to do with being able to give my child that moment. That moment of emotion that is complete and total happiness.

Now, I know, over The Wiggle’s???? (No I have not completely lost it, but you can atribute some of it to pregnancy hormones. I'm sure I will later.) For her it’s like she got to meet a ‘best friend’ she’s been hanging out with over the internet (or DVD/TV in our case.) She talks about them like she knows them, so actually seeing them in person?!? (You know, DS and I met over the internet.)

I am so glad we go to do this. I can hardly wait for Disneyland in September!